Yoga outfit – which one to choose?

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Whether you plan to attend a yoga class or you plan to practice at home, you need the right outfit. One that won’t restrict your movements and will be comfortable during your workout. So what clothes should you buy to feel good in them?

Choosing yoga clothes – what should you consider?

A very important issue when choosing clothes in which you will practice yoga is their functionality. The most important thing is that the outfit should be comfortable and not restrict your movements. It is advisable to opt for looser clothing made of natural, airy fabrics, so that you can freely perform all the yoga poses.

However, if you are a beginner and you are attending practice classes and have your own teacher, you should avoid overly loose shirts and pants. This will result in your yoga instructor not noticing your incorrect posture and any technical errors, making it impossible to correct.

Elements of yoga attire

A woman’s yoga outfit should consist of leggings and a blouse with either short or long sleeves or possibly strapless. You will also need a sports bra that will provide support for your breasts and allow you to maintain proper posture. This is especially important for women who have generous breasts.

You can also include a long sleeve sweatshirt, especially at the beginning of your workout when you are not yet warmed up. It will also come in handy at the end of your workout, which is when you relax.

If you exercise at home, you can invest in a bodysuit. This outfit is quite often chosen by women who practice yoga in their apartment.

When it comes to yoga attire for men, on the other hand, short or long cotton pants and an airy t-shirt, also short or long sleeved or strapless, will suffice. As in the case of women, it is worth putting on a sweatshirt before warming up properly and at the end of exercises.

Yoga shoes – is it worth buying them?

The correct solution is to perform asanas barefoot. This will make it easier to fully control the movements of your body and maintain correct posture in all yoga poses

However, if you prefer to practice with shoes, choose one that is made of lightweight and flexible material. However, keep in mind that shoes prevent your feet from making proper contact with the ground while practicing yoga. Never practice yoga in just socks. This is dangerous because you can slip while performing asanas, which can also contribute to serious injuries that often take a very long time to heal.


For yoga exercises you should wear clothes that are comfortable, not restricting your movements, and at the same time you can easily verify that you are performing the exercises technically correctly and that your posture is correct. It is also advisable to choose a breathable and delicate material. However, it is discouraged to wear shoes during your workout.

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