What questions can you expect in an interview?

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The interview is always a kind of theater, where both the interviewer and the candidate play their roles. Of course, the key is what we fill in the unknown, but some elements of such a meeting are repeatable. These include the questions asked by the recruiter. Which ones in particular should you expect?

What can you tell us about our company?

A question asked in this manner is very effective in checking whether the candidate has prepared well for the interview. As a result, you can form an opinion as to whether they really care about the position. It is not about using company data as if you have already worked there for several years. Unfortunately, practice shows that a number of recruiters do not even take the basic trouble to look at a potential employer’s website.

What are your greatest achievements?

After all, an interview is a kind of competition for a specific job and each applicant should have something to encourage them to get hired. In a short answer, it is worth to show what you can actually boast about in your professional achievements to date or in terms of education. It is important that this is as consistent as possible with the content of the job advertisement. We should show the employer that our successes are important in terms of employment.

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How much do you want to earn?

A question that job applicants often dread. It’s important to first do some kind of discernment about possible salaries for the position. A good strategy is to present a “range” of possible salaries – this will make it easier to start possible negotiations later

What made you apply for a position with our company?

Certainly, it would be a bad idea to stop only at financial matters. We should show the employer that the position fits our vision of personal development

Why do you want to change your job?

With such a question it is very easy to make cardinal mistakes. One of them is complaining about the previous company, especially about the management. Such an attitude makes a bad impression – it can be assumed that the employee may be characterized by disloyalty to superiors

Where do you see yourself in five years?

When you apply for a job at a company, you should be aware of the prospects for your future career. This allows the potential employer to determine whether the potential employee wants to develop into a managerial position, for example, and which career path is so close to his/her heart that he/she would like to follow it in the future

What did your previous job consist of?

It is good to be able to talk about your previous job in an engaging and nuanced way. Even if it wasn’t very glamorous, you should try to pick a piece of it that you can talk about in an engaging way

What are your interests?

First of all, your statement of interests must be consistent with what you write in your CV. Hobbies show what kind of person we are and the recruiter, who will take the interview seriously, will certainly ask about this area as well

Why are you the candidate who should find a job in our company?

This is a question that can either be asked at the beginning of the interview, or as a conclusion. It’s a good idea to structure your statement to take a minute or two and summarize your main motivations.

Do you have any questions for us?

A lack of questions on our part can be interpreted differently, but usually will not be in our favor. It can be interpreted as a lack of interest, but also as nervousness. It’s a good idea to have one or two questions prepared in advance, which you can ask the recruiter even if nothing comes to mind in connection with the current interview

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