Are you lacking motivation to work? See how easy it is to change

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It is estimated that we spend as many as 2,000 hours a year at work, which translates into 83 full days. If we are self-motivated, we will definitely perform our duties better. What to do to effectively motivate yourself to work?

Problems in getting motivated to work can have very different causes. Sometimes these are very serious difficulties, which significantly affect lower achievements or even inability to maintain the dream position. Definitely more often it is about minor difficulties. Sometimes it is a temporary decrease in activity caused by the season, temporary family difficulties, or some physical ailment. How do you cope? Here are 9 ideas for better motivation to work.

Idea 1: Planning

Instead of chaos, break it down into manageable goals. Instead of wanting to do everything at once – a gradation of things to accomplish. This is a simple recipe for realizing the goals we set in our professional life. Planning also allows you to focus on the most important tasks

Idea 2: Use time management techniques

There are a number of ways in which you can devote exactly the right amount of time to your work activities. Dealing efficiently with adversity will boost motivation – and there’s nothing like efficiency to boost motivation

Idea 3: Get rid of distractions

Especially in the age of remote working, this tip is very important. When doing work from home, many things can promote a decrease in our motivation. It could be music apps, funny videos, or the sudden urge to do housekeeping at the expense of your work time. It’s important to know how to disconnect from these things

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Idea 4: Inspire yourself

The example of people who have succeeded at what you’re striving for is always very uplifting. By seeking out sources of inspiration from newspapers, television, and the internet, we get that little bit of excitement and freshness that is very important for forming high levels of motivation. It is also easier for us to visualize possible future success and do more to achieve it in real life.

Idea 5: Enjoy small successes

Working towards a goal that is achievable in the very distant future is particularly difficult. That’s why it’s important to enjoy even the small successes on the way to your main goal. Give them importance, reward yourself for them and thus work on a high level of self-motivation

Idea 6: Have good relationships with your colleagues

The atmosphere at work is one of the most influential factors on our motivation. In a situation of perpetual war with everyone, we are not able to feel comfortable at work. Going there is associated with stress and affects us negatively. Motivation goes down. It is necessary to try to repair difficult relationships and maintain good relations with co-workers, because it is in our interest.

Idea 7: Make time for yourself

What is bad for our productivity and work motivation is to surround ourselves with work matters all the time. This is a bad idea. You need to know how to spend your free time and relax. The optimal solution is to find an interesting hobby that will give us a break from topics related to work and earning money.

Idea 8: Think positive

Fatalism and being discouraged by failures at work won’t help keep your motivation high either. Instead, try to think positively and do everything you can to reach your goals

Idea 9: Use tools that make your job easier

Planners, specialized programs, and anything that optimizes our work time can be helpful in terms of keeping our motivation high for our tasks. When we learn new methods and see progress, it encourages us to do more.


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