Ideal jobs for an extrovert

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Personality type can translate into success in professional life. An extrovert will find it easier to succeed in other professions than an introvert. Find out what positions extroverts will make a career in.

What is an extrovert like?

The personality division introduced in the early 20th century by Carl Jung still works today. Jung identified two personality types: introverts and extroverts. This division was supplemented after some time by ambiverts, who manifest the personality traits of both extroverts and introverts. 

In our article, we would like to point out the professions ideal for extroverts, but before we do so, it is worthwhile to give a little insight into the characteristics of people with this personality type. A typical extrovert:

  • loves to be in a group,
  • is talkative (often speaks a lot, quickly and loudly),
  • easily makes new friends, so he has many acquaintances, but relationships with them are not very close,
  • likes to be in constant motion, has a lot of energy,
  • is confident,
  • acts somewhat impulsively.

Extrovert at work

An extrovert can be a very good employee, if his occupation allows him to take full advantage of the strengths of this personality type. For an extrovert, working from an office is definitely preferable to working remotely. This personality type feels great if he has contact with other people. He loves working in a group, and will feel like a fish in water when brainstorming. His presentations can be captivating, as he has a natural gift for public speaking. Contact with clients is not a challenge for him and building relationships on a professional footing is not difficult for him.

On the other hand, extroverts can sometimes be explosive, so they can sometimes cause conflicts among employees. An extrovert often acts impulsively, so that the decisions he makes are often not preceded by a thorough analysis of a given situation. People with this personality type like to be noticed, so great satisfaction at work will bring him both a good result achieved and praise from a superior.

Profession for an extrovert

There are several professions in which the characteristics of an extrovert make it very easy to perform the duties assigned by the employer. Of course, it is not excluded that an introvert, for example, will work well in these professions, but due to the traits he possesses, reliable performance of duties may be more troublesome for him. 

So in what professions will extroverts prove themselves? Here are some examples.

  • Public relations – his self-confidence, ability to perform in front of an audience and ease of networking are definitely qualities that will facilitate work in this profession.
  • HR and recruitment – ease of networking will be invaluable here.
  • Customer service, sales representative – an extrovert’s ease of networking and confidence will make it easier for him to build relationships with customers.
  • Event organization – many of the qualities of an extrovert will be useful in this position. Certainly, self-confidence, ability to work in a group, energy and ease of networking will be a big plus.
  • Teacher – teaching lessons is also a form of public speaking. An extrovert will find it much easier to connect with students than an introvert. 

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