How to improve your chances in the job market?

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The situation on the labor market is changing dynamically. It is influenced, among others, by the development of technology and lockdown. This often results in the need to change jobs or gain new skills in your profession.

Looking for a job is not the easiest task, especially at the beginning of your career, but it does not always have to involve a series of failures. With a few steps you can become a valuable employee in the eyes of a potential employer. Where to start?

Reconnaissance of the job market

First think about what you would like to do, what you are good at, what soft and hard skills you have. Read advertisements of companies where you find work attractive, check their expectations. This will allow you to find out what skills are needed to work in a given position. If possible, try to visit job fairs where many different companies present their offers.

Learn languages

With a thriving trade industry, more and more companies are going international and require their employees to speak at least English. If you don’t know English well enough to be able to speak it fluently at work, sign up for a course. Institutions such as Englishbestway language school offer classes at different levels. If you speak English at level C2, you can try your hand at learning a strictly business language.

Your value in the job market can be increased by knowing other languages, even at a basic level, especially the less well-known ones. Knowing a foreign language can make it easier to change jobs – often employers care less about a potential employee’s experience and more about him/her being able to communicate fluently with foreign contractors.

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Additional courses and training

Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself and in learning new skills, even those that seem to be too far from your circle of interests. This is especially important in times when there is a strong emphasis on technology. Training and courses are often provided free of charge on the internet and by job centres. There is such a wide selection of courses on the internet that you can easily find the perfect offer for you

Learning to use programs

It is worthwhile to learn how to use both basic office programs as well as those used, for example, for graphic processing. Not only will their knowledge increase your chances in the job market, but also make your daily duties easier. You can purchase a license for some of the most frequently used programs, e.g. Adobe Acrobat at

Acquiring new and expanding your knowledge

The next step is to constantly expand the knowledge you have gained so far. Almost every industry is evolving, so you need to stay on top of changes. Read newspapers and portals related to the type of your business, refer to books of specialists. You can also enroll in a postgraduate program that will allow you to, for example, completely re-brand yourself.

If you are a person who is just planning your professional path and thinking about the choice of studies, you can opt for practical classes at a post-secondary school, such as, where you will gain practical skills and knowledge.

Active online activities

Employers are increasingly looking for employees online on sites like Linkedin. Create a profile on them, point out your strengths and past successes. You can also send messages through the website of the company where you want to work. Don’t be afraid to take the initiative. Even if you don’t think an employer is looking for new employees at the moment, your message may encourage them enough to invite you for an interview or at least save your CV.

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