What does Tibetan exercise consist of?

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Tibetan exercises can help you get your body moving in the morning, and are the first step to regular exercise. Find out what Tibetan exercises are and why you should do them.

What are Tibetan exercises?

Tibetan exercises consist of 5 rituals – simple exercises which are to put us in the mood for the coming day and also help to relax. They consist of stretching exercises performed on a mat.

First Tibetan Ritual

Stand on your mat with your back straight and your feet touching. Spread your arms out to the sides – they must be straight at the elbows at all times. Slowly begin to rotate clockwise. If you feel dizzy, stop rotating for a moment. Make 6 rotations to one side and 6 rotations to the other side. After completing the rotations, place your feet hip-width apart and bring your hands closer together so that they touch each other at chest level. Calm the breath and proceed to the next exercise.

Second Tibetan Ritual

The Second Tibetan Ritual has a positive effect on the thyroid and peritoneal functions. It can be performed indoors or outdoors. It is also ideal for strengthening the abdominal and neck muscles. Lie flat on your mat and then place your arms along your body. Your legs should be straight at the knees. Gently lift both legs upward without bending your knees. At the same time, try to pull your chin up to your chest. Keep your back to the mat during this exercise. Your leg and abdominal muscles should be working. Performing such clenches, you will strengthen this part of the body, as well as stabilize the posture. They will also improve blood circulation.

Third Tibetan Ritual

Kneel on the mat and straighten your back. Place your hands on your lumbar region and perform gentle backbends. The abdomen should be drawn in and tense at all times. While bending backward, also bend your head backward. This exercise helps to relax the muscles of the hips as well as the neck. It is ideal for people who struggle with back pain and have sedentary jobs.

Fourth Tibetan Ritual

Sit on the mat with your legs straight. Use your hands to support yourself at hip height with your palms facing your feet. Slowly raise your hips upward while bending your knees. Your back and hips should be aligned. Tighten your abdomen and stay in this position for a while. This exercise is ideal for strengthening the abdominal muscles, spine and shoulders. It also provides an easy way to relax your back muscles. If done daily, it can help slenderize your figure.

Fifth Tibetan Ritual

The last Tibetan Ritual relaxes the back and also strengthens the leg and arm muscles. Support yourself with your hands in front so that they are shoulder width apart. Your arms should be straight at the elbows at all times. Similarly, lean on your feet. Your feet must be at hip width for the position to be stable. Keep your head between your shoulders and your hips as high as possible so that your body has an inverted V shape. Stay in this position for about 2 minutes. Return to a supported kneeling position and then lift your hips back up.

Aga Yoga – 5 Tibetan Rituals

How do Tibetan exercises help?

Tibetan exercises are an ideal way to strengthen your body and to relax and stretch your muscles. They are especially recommended for people who feel tired and stressed. They make you feel much better without much effort. It is an ideal exercise for the elderly and people with health problems.

Tibetan exercises help with:

  • back pain,
  • lymphatic stasis,
  • neurological pains,
  • permanent stress,
  • sleep problems.

It can be used every day. To perform them, we will need only a yoga mat. It has proper cushioning and protects from slipping on the floor. It is enough to wear comfortable clothes, for example, leggings and T-shirt, and choose well ventilated room. It’s also a good idea to exercise outside.

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