The best stretching exercises

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Stretching exercises are great for joint mobility, but also allow us to relax our muscles after a hard day at work. They are suitable for active people, but also for those who move less.

Stretching exercises for the back

The back is exposed to staying in one position during the day. Sitting at a desk is not always a straight back, so stretching the muscles of the back will get rid of tension as well as pain. It is also an ideal way to relieve tension, especially for those who work physically. Below are the ideal stretching exercises for the back.

Cat’s back

Kneel down so that your knees are at hip width. Then prop yourself up with your hands, leaving your back straight, as well as your arms. Your head should be between your shoulders. Then, lower your abdomen to bend your pelvis downward. Then, lift the back up so that it becomes semi-circular. Keep your arms straight at the elbows while lowering your back. As you round your back, take a deep breath, hold your back up for a few seconds, and then gently lower it. This exercise strongly stretches and relaxes the paraspinal muscles. Repeat 10 times.

Back rolling

Lie comfortably on your mat and then bring your knees to your chest. Try to keep your back in a semi-circular shape. Hold your knees with your hands to press them harder against your sternum. Perform gentle rolling in the form of rocking from side to side and along your body. As you perform these rocking motions, you will feel a loosening of the vertebrae as well as a stretch in the lumbar region.

“Baby position”

Kneel down so that you can sit on your feet. Your knees should be slightly extended at hip width. Then place your straightened arms in front of you and stretch your back as far forward as possible. Your head should be between your shoulders. Move your fingers slightly forward, gradually increasing their reach and stretching your back more firmly. Breathe evenly and calmly through your nose, holding air in your lungs. Deepen the stretch with each inhalation.

Back Stretching While Standing

Stand slightly apart and raise your arms above your head. Slowly stand on your toes, at the same time stretching your arms upward firmly.

Photo: Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

Stretching exercises for shoulders and arms

Our hands work hard every day, regardless of whether we are at the computer or doing physical work. It’s a good idea to stretch your arm muscles every day as well.

Stretching the triceps

Position your straight arm so that it is diagonally opposite your torso. Draw your arm towards you and press it against your chest with your other hand. To make the stretch easier, you can place your straightened arm in the hinge of your other arm. Stretch your shoulder by pressing your hand against your sternum. Do the same stretch with the other hand.

Reaching with the Hand to the Shoulder

Raise your arm up and bend it so that your hand reaches your back. Try to keep your arm parallel to your head. With your other hand, press the elbow of your bent arm to reach the shoulder blade. Repeat with the other hand.

Stretching exercises for legs

Stretching your legs helps loosen them up after a day of walking. It is also important if you have circulation problems.

Calf stretching

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart so that one leg is in front of the other (like you’re trying to do twine). Then slightly bend the offending leg without taking your heel off the ground. The other leg should remain straight. With the leg straight, you will feel a slight pull in the calf, which means that the calf muscles are beginning to stretch. Then repeat the exercise on the other leg.

Sitting Thigh Muscle Stretch

Sit in such a way that your knees are on the outside and your legs remain bent. If possible, try to leave your knees on the ground. Keep your feet together. Place your elbows on your knees to slightly stretch your leg muscles. You will feel the stretch on the inside of your thighs.

Stretching allows you to get rid of all the tension, so it is a good idea to perform these exercises on all parts of the muscles.

Main photo: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

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