How to deal with isolation during a pandemic?

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Isolation during a pandemic can be a savior on one hand, and the worst time on the other. Many memes have been created about spending time during isolation, and there are also interesting videos on Tik Tok showing how different people use quarantine time. Many of them are quite funny and it’s good to get ideas from such positive videos.

Learn to cook

Many celebrities have rediscovered cooking together with their families. For housewives, this may not be very revealing at all, but it’s worth thinking about learning to cook in isolation. With our newly acquired skills, we will discover a passion for culinary. We will certainly also start making much better use of any leftovers we have left over from dinner. Learning to cook is easier than we think – all you need is a cooking blog or a course purchased on a website. With your new skills, you’re sure to surprise your family with great dishes.

Find time to relax

Not everyone in partial isolation or quarantine can afford to relax. When you’re in quarantine and working, it can be difficult to find time for yourself. Under normal circumstances, we would often go bowling or to the movies after work. In a pandemic situation, when everything is shut down, all we have to do is sit at home. In order to prevent your free time from quickly turning into overtime, you should set specific hours for yourself to rest. Then it will be easier to relax. It can be an unhurried morning with coffee and time for gossip with friends or a quiet evening with a glass of wine and your favorite book.

Learn new skills

It’s a good idea to use your quarantine time in a productive way. In order not to spend long hours just watching successive episodes of your favorite series on Netflix, you can sign up for a course. It will help us mobilize for learning. Thanks to it, we will increase our competence, but also make the time pass a little faster. By occupying our mind with something, we will definitely not feel bored or depressed. Isolation time spent on learning a language or a computer program will also give us the opportunity to find a better paid job later.

Spend time with your family

It may seem trivial, but remember that isolation is a good excuse to spend time with your family. We probably won’t have the opportunity for this kind of relaxation again. Let’s try to organize a family evening together. Playing board games or on a console will give us a lot of fun. It will also allow us to build good relationships with our children and partner.

Psych Hub – COVID-19 Social Isolation

Reading books

Nothing calms and occupies our time like reading books. It’s a time to relax, but also to broaden our horizons. By immersing ourselves in an unreal world, it is much easier for us to forget about the somewhat depressing reality.

How to deal with isolation?

Isolation can be a somewhat stressful time for us. The many activities repeated daily, the routine, and the lack of opportunities to get together with family, make us feel stuck and sad. The change in reality in which we live does not fill us with optimism.

However, we should try to see the positives of this situation. Remember that someday the isolation may pass, and we, full of strength and health, must return to our former duties and passions. And in the meantime:

  • let’s not accumulate negative thoughts within ourselves;
  • do not follow the development of the pandemic on TV or the Internet;
  • keep in touch with family and friends via Skype or telephone;
  • try to stay physically fit – exercise, go for walks if possible;
  • see the positives of the situation – long-awaited rest from work, the opportunity to engage in a passion for which we did not have time before, more time with loved ones;
  • find new activities – breaking out of the daily routine is important, so it is important to find a hobby or passion that will add some color to your daily life.

Isolation and quarantine make it much harder for us to think positively. Unfortunately, many people fall into neurosis or even depression. The salvation from the bad psychological state may be tranquility, relaxation with loved ones or a new hobby, which will allow us to break away from the sad reality and wait out this worst time for us.

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