Relaxation music – which one to choose?

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Music relaxes, evokes memories, and awakens vital forces. It can even reduce pain, which is why it is sometimes used as a therapeutic tool. What kind of relaxing music is best for us and how exactly does it affect our body? In this article, we suggest how to choose music for relaxation.

What kind of relaxation music should you choose?

Relaxation music can relieve pain, for example during a strenuous migraine, a dental procedure, or childbirth. There are certain instruments whose sounds have been shown to have a positive effect on the human body, energy levels or state of mind. These include: harp, flute, Tibetan bells and bowls or gongs. Drums and rattles are also pleasant and relaxing as they improve mood and stimulate energy. Relaxing music used in music therapy allows you to enter the so-called alpha state – this is the brain frequency associated with relaxation and creativity. The nervous system regenerates, the muscles begin to relax and we are able to enter a pleasant state of relaxation. You can also relax by listening to the sounds of nature; birds singing or the sound of the ocean. However, much depends on our preferences. Each person can relax with a different type of music.

Classical music – helps concentration

Recommended especially for students, because it is responsible for stimulating the brain to work harder.

Calm relaxing music

helps to relieve pain and improves well-being. This type of music balances heart rate, lowers blood pressure, relieves allergies, reduces neurological disorders, and also proves helpful with a sore throat or runny nose. What is important, the immune system in the state of relaxation is stimulated to action, making its work more effective. Listening to such music reduces appetite, helps the digestive system and reduces the production of hormones responsible for stress.

Music Therapy – Sleep Music + Relaxation Music + Anti-stress Music

Activating music

Rhythmic and joyful dance music, rock and roll, Latin American music, hip-hop is particularly recommended for people after a stroke, because while listening to it the production of endorphins in the body increases, which stimulates action and affects the improvement of mood. However, do not listen to it before going to bed, because such music can stimulate you too much; it will increase muscle tension and raise blood pressure.

What kind of relaxing music should I choose for my children?

If you want your baby to fall asleep peacefully and stay asleep at night, choose relaxing music. The best choice is classical music by Beethoven, Mozart or Vivaldi. A music box with calm and slow pieces of music will be good sleep music for a baby. A good solution will also be pleasant sounds of nature. You can also buy a special projector that combines pictures with music. In this way the toddler will relax and will not have problems falling asleep. Relaxing music has a very positive effect on the toddler, puts him in a cheerful mood, helps to fall asleep and gives a sense of security. It is also pleasant to the ear and gives the child a lot of joy.

When is it a good idea to listen to relaxing music?

Relaxing music can be played at any time of the day. It will help you to get rid of negative emotions and get away from your duties and problems. We can reduce stress levels and feel blissful relief. This music is great for the state of overload and exhaustion. It is worth listening to it before bedtime to help you fall asleep and increase the quality of rest. We can also turn it on in any stressful situation. It is an excellent way to reduce tension and lower blood pressure. Soothing sounds of nature mixed with soft, acoustic instruments can really work wonders!

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