Why Ginger Powder Is The Most Powerful Spice You Can Use

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How often do you find yourself using ginger powder to add flavor to your dishes? You’re not alone. You’re probably most familiar with it as an ingredient in baked goods and desserts, but it’s also commonly used to flavor savory dishes from stir fries to curries and even meat marinades and marinating sauces. There are several reasons why you should consider adding it to your spice rack and kitchen cabinets.

10 Incredible Ginger Powder Benefits 

From boosting brain function to aiding in digestion, there are many benefits of having it in your everyday diet. Here are a few incredible health benefits:

  1. Promotes Brain Function 

Research shows that fresh ginger powder has neuroprotective properties and can help reduce inflammation in the brain. 

  1. Lowers Cholesterol 

One study found that people who ate fresh or dried pieces daily for four weeks had lower levels of LDL cholesterol (the bad type) than those who didn’t eat it at all. 

  1. Anti-inflammatory Properties 

According to one recent study, taking two grams for 12 days significantly reduced knee pain caused by osteoarthritis without any side effects! 

  1. Relieves Nausea and Motion Sickness 

Having some ground ginger powder with your meal is a great way to combat nausea as well as motion sickness! 

  1. Promotes Digestion

A recent study found that taking fresh pieces daily for 30 days relieved some digestive symptoms, including pain and gas. The fresh powder has also been shown to ease morning sickness in pregnant women. It is also a very effective treatment for colic, indigestion, and flatulence. Finally, both ground and fresh have anti-cancer properties so if you’re looking for alternative cancer treatment, putting more of this spicy spice into your diet may be the answer!

  1. Reduces Inflammation 

One easy way to get all these benefits? Simply mix ground or fresh grind to your dishes. The wonderful thing about it is that it can be used in everything from tea and smoothies to soups and salads. As long as you enjoy cooking, using this spice should come naturally!

  1. Fights Cancer 

Whether eaten raw or taken in pill form, it is thought to protect against certain cancers like leukemia. 

  1. Decreases Pain 

Researchers found that ginger root powder could decrease neck pain associated with migraine headaches and decrease postoperative sore throat after surgery. There are countless ways to use it whether you want something simple like mixed into oatmeal or fancy like infused into hot water. No matter what type of dish you’re craving, root sauce will work wonders on it! It is not only powerful but it tastes good too. 

If you’re sick of popping pills for every ailment under the sun, then this is just what you need. 

Since it has such a wide range of benefits, it’s worth investing in some for your kitchen pantry.

10 Ways to Add Ginger Powder to Your Diet

  1. Add it to your morning smoothie for a nutrient-rich start to your day. 
  2. Mix it into oatmeal or yogurt for a subtly sweet and spicy flavor combination. 
  3. Stir fry veggies with it for a quick and healthy meal. 
  4. Add it to homemade soups or stews for an extra depth of flavor. 
  5. Sprinkle it on roasted meats or fish before serving. 
  6. Mix it into homemade salad dressings or marinades for a zesty kick. 
  7. Use it to make your spice blends or rubs for grilling and roasting.
  8. Mix it into your favorite baked goods recipes to add a spicy twist. For more ways to add it to your diet, check out the following blog post. It is great in so many different dishes and drinks because it has such a distinct taste that isn’t too overpowering.
  9. Drink tea throughout the day for better digestion as it contains potent anti-inflammatory properties which can help relieve pain from menstrual cramps and sore muscles due to its ability to inhibit COX enzymes. 
  10. Enjoy candies after a stressful day as they have been shown to improve mental clarity and mood due to their magnesium content. 

When it comes to spices, it is one of the most powerful and versatile you can use. Not only does it add a delicious flavor to food, but it also offers a host of health benefits. from aiding in digestion to relieving pain and inflammation. If you’re looking for a way to improve your health and add some flavor to your food, ginger powder is a great option. To have yours, click here

main photo: unsplash.com/Emma-Jane Hobden

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