How to deal with fatigue? Best ways

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Loss of energy, unwillingness to get out of bed, constant sleepiness – these are the consequences of urban life on the run and endless stress. If you are looking for a solution to your lack of energy, read on. In this article we will tell you how to deal with fatigue.

Fatigue is especially noticeable in the afternoon, and symptoms can include headaches, complete or partial loss of attention, and even reduced visual acuity. Unfortunately, working people quite often struggle with such problems. However, it is worth finding ways to combat this condition.

Make sure you are healthy

It is normal for a person to be tired after a hard day at work or an intense workout. On the other hand, it is not normal if you are tired even on weekends and rest does not help. But such cases unfortunately happen often. Before you do anything, make sure that your fatigue is not a symptom of bigger health problems

Diabetes, depression, thyroid problems, anxiety, anemia, and even snoring are all conditions that cause excessive fatigue. A checkup with an endocrinologist and a few blood tests will take you no more than a week, but you’ll find out what the reason is for feeling bad – whether it’s a disease or a lifestyle fault.

Give up coffee

Long firmly entrenched in the minds of many people, the claim that coffee increases energy, relieves sleepiness, and increases efficiency is only partially true. Caffeine does indeed help activate the brain and is able to increase energy levels, but only for a short time and in small amounts. If you exceed the daily norm, you risk worsening your overall condition. Why? It’s very simple: caffeine quickly removes water from the body, and dehydration in turn leads to fatigue. The fact is that in the absence of the required amount of water in the body, blood pressure drops sharply, blood circulation slows down, which means that the body receives much less oxygen than it needs

Get a good night’s sleep

This solution may seem trivial, but it very often happens that constantly tired people simply do not get enough sleep: they suffer from insomnia, shallow sleep or do not have time to rest. So try applying the following tips to your daily sleep hygiene:

  • go to bed at regular times,
  • sleep in the dark,
  • sleep in silence,
  • sleep in a cool bedroom with an open window (air temperature 16-18℃),
  • sleep on a flat mattress and under a warm blanket.

There are many more ways to improve sleep, but in practice, few people even follow the rule of going to bed at regular times

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Take a look at your diet

A well-chosen diet can help solve fatigue problems. To follow a meal plan, regularly buy the right foods and ideally, if you can, prepare your own meals. In a healthy diet, it is important to plan everything properly so that you always have the right meal on hand

Take antioxidant supplements

One of the reasons why we constantly feel tired is because of free radicals. These are unstable molecules and are usually formed as a result of life’s activities, especially after exercise. The body can handle free radicals, but an extra portion of them can easily be obtained from the environment: from cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, ultraviolet radiation, etc. With too many free radicals, the body falls into oxidative stress, the consequences of which are disruption of energy production, destruction of cells, development of diseases and accelerated aging. Antioxidants are molecules that counteract oxidative stress, neutralize free radicals, protect our cells and restore energy production.

Movement is key

Movement and physical activity are usually the last things you feel like doing when you’re tired. What gym can we talk about when there is no energy for anything? However, if you move around a bit, you’ll increase all of your body’s processes and, in turn, increase your energy levels. It turns out that fatigue often causes a vicious circle: we get tired and therefore move little, but as a result, the body reserves less energy for movement and reduces its production. So there is a way out of this situation: when fatigue haunts you, start moving more.


After a hard and tiring day, try massaging your hands, feet, neck and face.

Of course, it’s great if someone gives you a massage, but you can also buy a special gym roller or massage yourself with a tennis ball to stretch the most tense parts of your body: neck, back, feet. If you’re so tired that you suffer from insomnia, can’t concentrate at work and lose your appetite, sign up for a therapeutic or relaxing massage.

Learn to switch from work to leisure time

Do not take work-related matters home with you. During your free time, don’t check work email, don’t text colleagues about unfinished business or questions that can wait until tomorrow, and don’t get into company chat if you have one. This change will help you relax. The best way to distract yourself from work is to communicate with loved ones. Talk to your family, play with your pets, call a friend or text someone you haven’t seen in years and ask how they are. The energy of loved ones will help you feel better.

Fill your day with positive emotions

Before going to sleep, think of something you will enjoy the next day. Sign up for a haircut, get a manicure, or schedule a trip to pick out a new dress. According to psychologists, the anticipation of pleasant events makes the morning easy and almost painless, because the certainty that there is more than just routine waiting for you today significantly lifts your spirits.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

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