What Makes Shipping Plugin Right for Your Store?

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The world of eCommerce is fast-paced, full of innovation, and competitive. There are countless features and requirements that customers have in this ever-changing market, and it’s important to find the perfect balance. Fortunately, with a range of products from fully integrated plugins, you’ll be able to serve your customers just as fast as they expect. Thus, it’s important to also take into account your store’s needs and make sure you have everything under control before you start selling on any marketplaces.

This is the reason why choosing a plugin to integrate with Woocommerce to help manage your shipping needs is important. Shipping isn’t a one-size-fits-all business, which means you’ll need to find the best that will work best with your store. There are many options on the market to choose from, but not all are right for your store. 

Why is it the Best for Your Store?

Selecting the right shipping plugin is an important decision. This can depend on what features you’re looking for, and which third-party services your storefront integrates with. Here are a few reasons why is it the best for your store:

  1. The plugin will automatically calculate shipping rates based on weight and location so that you don’t have to do the math. 
  2. It’s quick to set up and has easy settings to change such as adding a specific carrier or offering free international shipping. 
  3. You can easily customize options such as how long before purchases will ship, default handling time frames, including or excluding taxes in pricing, as well as whether insurance should be included in the purchase price. 
  4. There are many extensions available that add additional functionality to the platform such as allowing your customers to track their package online or customize their order total by specifying what type of service they want (such as expedited delivery). 
  5. When someone goes to check out, it’ll prompt them to enter their desired address for the billing address if there isn’t one already filled out. The system also provides a complete breakdown of costs so there aren’t any surprises after checkout. 
  6. Some plugins allow you to offer discounts or deals on certain days of the week while others provide discounts when packages are shipped in bulk. 
  7. These plugins can integrate with other e-commerce platforms which makes it easier for you to stay updated on all of your orders from one place. 
  8. These can come with customer support 24/7 via email, chat, or phone calls so you won’t have to go through lengthy forum threads just to get answers. 
  9. There are also apps that work seamlessly to make sure you never miss another shipment date again. 
  10. And finally, some plugins offer user reviews and ratings which helps build trust between your business and customers.


There are many factors to consider when trying to decide which one is right for your store. With so many plugins on the market, deciding on one can be a difficult process. The variety of plugins available leads to their advantages and disadvantages; some may work better in different situations than others.   It’s important to weigh all of these aspects and make sure you’re picking the best plugin for your business. Ultimately, what’s most important is finding a plugin that provides you with flexibility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. And if this sounds like something your site needs – try woocommerce shipping plugins!

Main photo: Justin Morgan/unsplash.com

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