Cocoa ceremony – what is the secret of the drink known for thousands of years?

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Cocoa has a beneficial effect on our body and mind. Known as the “food of the gods,” it has been used for thousands of years for therapeutic and magical purposes. Prepared in a special way and consumed in a ceremonial context, cocoa is a natural remedy that facilitates the connection between body, heart and mind.

Cocoa ceremony – what is it?

The cacao ceremony was born some 3,000 years ago among the Mayans. The Maya revered cocoa beans as “food of the gods”. The beans collected in the forests of Guatemala and Mexico were eaten raw. Then the Maya prepared them with spices according to family recipes passed down from generation to generation. The brew was consumed in a shamanic ceremony. Through breathing exercises, chanting and dancing, the participants would enter a trance, hoping that the cacao would help them discover what their souls desired

Properties of cocoa

It is no secret that cocoa is rich in nutrients. It is counted among the so-called superfoods due to its exceptionally high content of antioxidants, iron, magnesium and calcium. Cocoa beans fight stress, fatigue and act as a natural antidepressant. This is why you feel so good after eating a cube of dark chocolate.

Cocoa triggers the production of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine – hormones responsible for our feelings of happiness and concentration. It also facilitates blood flow to the heart and brain. These processes result in increased concentration and improved mood. They also awaken consciousness and sharpen the senses.

Cocoa enhances intuition, increases self-awareness and facilitates exploration of the vast expanses of our inner world.

A few hours before the cocoa ceremony it is better to abstain from food. Thanks to this the cocoa will cover our body faster.

When you combine all these benefits with meditation, deep breathing, dancing and singing, you may have the missing key to connect with your being.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

How to prepare your own ceremony?

The traditional cacao ceremony performed under the kind guidance of a shaman was a meeting in a circle lasting several hours. Today, the ceremony is usually performed by yoga teachers. The important thing is to live this experience together with others. Indeed, the interactions between people in the modern world, although numerous, lack depth. Yet the dilemmas we face in everyday life are essentially the same. The purpose of the cocoa ceremony is not only to open your heart, but also to open yourself to others.

However, if you want to experience it in solitude and meditation is not alien to you, there is nothing stopping you from having your own ceremony in the comfort of your home.

Take care of the mood

Find a place where you feel comfortable and safe. It can be a garden, living room – it doesn’t matter. You can light candles, put on a mantra and arrange the space around you so that you feel really good.

Prepare a drink

You’ve probably guessed that you won’t be preparing instant cocoa! Or grinding cocoa beans on hot rocks! However, you can make a drink very similar to what the Mayans used to make. To do this, prepare 30 g of raw cacao, pour a cup of water over it and put it on a low heat. When it thickens slightly, you can add spices (pepper or vanilla). Just be careful not to spike your drink with sugar or milk.

When the drink is ready, let it cool down. And start drinking it with all due respect, not forgetting to thank the generous Mother Nature.

It’s up to you how much you allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the power of your drink. Open your mind and listen. Don’t let negative thoughts take over your mind at this momentous time, open yourself up and let go of anything that limits you.

So whenever you feel the need to bring order to your inner life, whenever you feel that you need a little kindness and respect, consider doing this ceremony. Whether alone or in a group, whether in the comfort of your living room or in the midst of the woods, let the cocoa ceremony seduce you

Photo by Allison Christine/Unsplash

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