What does kinesiotaping mean?

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Kinesiotaping is one of the popular modern therapeutic methods used in medicine, sports and cosmetology. What is the mechanism of kinesiotaping and what benefits can be expected from it – you will read all about it in our material!

Kinesiotaping – what is it?

Kinesiotaping is a method of alternative medicine that complements traditional drug treatment, which involves applying special elastic tapes to the surface of the body. Dynamic patching benefits athletes during periods of intensive training and during recovery from injuries and illnesses, as well as ordinary people for preventive purposes and musculoskeletal disorders.

Kinesiotaping patches

Dynamic patches are made of cotton with a touch of lycra or nylon and covered on one side with a special adhesive, which, contrary to popular belief, is not soaked in any analgesic or anti-inflammatory agent. The adhesive has hypoallergenic properties and activates its actions under the influence of human body heat. The patch is well permeable to air, dries quickly and stretches to 130-140% of its initial length – their elasticity is similar to the degree of stretching of muscles and skin. Dynamic patches can be worn for several days.

Kinesiotaping – mechanism of action

A skillfully applied patch stretches the skin and affects the muscles, nervous and lymphatic systems, fascia and joints. The patch gently lifts the skin over the muscles and fascias, which creates additional space and facilitates blood and lymph flow. This mechanism of action:

  • increases the range of motion of muscles and joints,
  • reduces the performance of unwanted movements and promotes the development of correct movement patterns,
  • improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage,
  • reduces swelling, inflammation and pain,
  • reduces the risk of overload and injury.

Kinesiotaping is mainly recommended for joint and musculoskeletal injuries and disorders. The list of indications for the use of dynamic patches is constantly expanding. The method has already found application in gynecology, cosmetology, neurology and other branches of medicine. One may encounter the opinion that the effectiveness of kinesiotaping is down to placebo. In reality, however, the benefits of dynamic patching have been confirmed by a number of clinical studies.

Kinesiotaping – benefits 

What other benefits are associated with the use of dynamic patching? First, there are virtually no contraindications to their use, and their use has no side effects. Second, the patches are comfortable to wear and invisible under clothing. Third, they are affordable and can be combined with other, including conventional, treatments. The only contraindication for applying the patch is an open wound, as well as very thin, sensitive and irritation-prone skin at the site of the patch application.

How to properly apply the patch?

At first glance everything looks very simple, in practice the matter is a little more complicated. There are different techniques for applying the patch, which differ in the degree of tension, the location or the number of tenpins applied. Certainly, the procedure should be performed by a trained therapist who can take a thorough history, test muscle strength or measure joint range of motion. An incompetently applied patch can prove useless or even harmful.

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