Veganism for Beginners. Everything you need to know

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The transition from a diet containing animal products to a vegan diet is difficult not only because it requires a lot of dedication. The transition to a vegan diet is difficult not only because it requires a lot of sacrifice, but also because it is important to understand the rules of supplementation in order to avoid health problems later on. What else should be kept in mind?

What is veganism?

The basic question is by no means unfounded. In fact, it is difficult to reduce veganism to a mere diet, but rather to associate it with a lifestyle. Veganism is not only about food, but also about clothing, footwear, cosmetics and dietary supplements

Can veganism be associated with a healthy and wholesome diet?

Of course it can. This is evidenced by the position of the American Dietetic Association, which emphasizes that vegetarian diets, including vegan, can even be helpful in the treatment of certain diseases, but they must be well planned in advance. This applies to different stages of life – including pregnancy, lactation or infancy

Is veganism just about not eating meat?

Less and less people forget that veganism is also giving up eggs, seafood or dairy. However, it is worth mentioning that if we strictly follow such a diet, we will not eat honey either, which seems to be less obvious

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Is a vegan diet troublesome and expensive?

Sometimes, there is still a belief that switching to a vegan diet is associated with many sacrifices, awkward situations and, above all, increased costs. In practice, even in popular chain stores there is a wide range of products available that can be a good substitute for meat. So there is no problem, for example, with social gatherings, parties or barbecues when you are the only vegan in the company. You can also base your diet on simple and inexpensive products that you can get at any store, such as fruits, vegetables, plant-based milk substitutes and numerous soy products

Unhealthy vegan diet – is it possible?

It is often assumed that a person on a vegan diet should be healthy and have a perfect figure, because it is impossible to gain weight on fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, this is not true. In addition, you can remain on such a meatless diet, which will be harmful to your health – and it is not about the lack of some nutrients, but too much fat or harmful sugars.

What supplementation should people on a vegan diet take care of?

It is a myth that a vegan diet does not have enough iron and protein for our bodies. So is supplementation necessary? It is recommended that non-vegan eaters supplement themselves with vitamin B12. This is the only vitamin we cannot provide to our body in this type of diet. It is also often recommended to take vitamin D3, but in our latitude this applies to basically all inhabitants.

What will be useful when we decide to switch to veganism?

The basic step is, of course, a firm resolution to persevere with the new diet, but that’s not all. It is worth approaching the matter comprehensively, that is, in such a way that in no field will we miss our former life, that is, when we ate meat.

Creative cooking

It will be much easier to change our diet if we start cooking in an interesting way. The dishes will be not only tasty but also intriguing – we’ll be more inclined to replace poultry pate with one made of zucchinis, while the tomato sauce may taste just as good if we use soy granules instead of minced meat. It’s worth trying.

Store for vegan products

It’s also a good idea to find a place where you can easily get not only semi-finished products, but also ready-made vegan meals. It is best to find not only a stationary store, but also an online one.

Restaurants serving meat and vegan dishes

Will going out with friends be any different after we switch to a vegan diet? They don’t have to be. There are a few restaurants that serve both cuisines. Then all the people in your company can feel satisfied

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