Properties and uses of cumin oil

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For centuries, cumin oil has been used as a cosmetic and food additive. In many homes it has even become a substitute for today’s dietary supplements. Check out its amazing capabilities!

Uses of cumin oil

Nigella oil is ideal for eating with fresh bread or in salads. It is recommended by many nutritionists. No wonder, it contains many valuable fatty acids, including Omega-6 and Omega-3.

In addition, nigella oil also has omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid and plant sterols and phospholipids helpful in the fight against too high cholesterol. A very valuable component of black cumin oil is flavonoids. It has been proven that they are extremely helpful in the fight against cancer. They also act against free radicals, which contribute not only to skin aging, but also the formation of cancer.

The beta-carotene contained in it has a positive effect on our skin. Therefore, cold-pressed oil from cumin is often used instead of body lotion. It can be applied for example at night, after washing the face with an exfoliating gel and tonic.

The biotin also contained in this wonderful oil is a water-soluble vitamin that is great for the condition of nails and hair. So you can use black cumin oil as a hair mask. Before washing your hair, apply a small amount of oil and work it through your hair, taking special care to massage the oil into the ends. After several minutes, wash your hair with shampoo and rinse it thoroughly. You do not need to use any conditioner after shampooing. Your hair will be considerably stronger but you will also notice fewer split ends.

Black cumin oil contains vitamins that have a very positive effect on the skin. These are vitamins: A, E, F, B1, PP, B3, B6.

Nigella oil is also ideal for the nail plate and the cuticles around it. It is quickly absorbed and gives spectacular results in a short time. What is interesting, in order to take care of beautiful and strong nails, you do not have to buy expensive conditioners in the form of nail polish. All you need is black cumin oil. It has zinc, magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium, potassium and selenium – all important minerals for your body. Especially zinc, because it strengthens the structure of your nails, hair and makes them much stronger and more resistant to external conditions. You can use black cumin oil to apply the nail plate and cuticles. You will definitely see a sensational effect quickly.

Argan oil or black cumin oil – which is better?

Can black cumin oil be better than argan oil? Argan oil contains valuable fatty acids and has beta-amyrin in its composition, which soothes irritation. It also contains butyrospermol, which supports skin care both before and after sunbathing. It acts as a natural sunscreen. Argan oil also contains a higher amount of vitamin E, which has an anti-aging effect. It is therefore recommended for mature skin as a complement to skin rejuvenation treatment.

Black cumin oil is much richer in minerals, including zinc. It also has biotin, which is great for hair and nails. This ingredient is found in many supplements we know for accelerating hair growth and strengthening hair. It is especially recommended to people after radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

Both oils have similar effects, but they differ significantly in their price. For half a liter of black cumin oil we pay about 50 zł. Argan oil of the same capacity can be even 30 zł more expensive.

Which oil we choose depends on our skin problems – cumin oil is suitable for people with allergies, and it also helps to fight acne or psoriasis faster. Argan oil, on the other hand, is ideal for scars, cellulite and first wrinkles.

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