How do you get rid of negative emotions?

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Our current situation may be troubling us, but dwelling on depressing thoughts and emotions can only make our condition worse. How not to get carried away by negative emotions and fight them?

Start seeing the positive

It is difficult for us to think positively in extremely bad situations, but everyday life will always bring troubles and sometimes disappointments. Let’s try to approach them quite rationally. Let’s see that apart from negative thoughts we also have small joys that we should be happy about. It could be the fact that we have a job we like, or good people around us who help us. We don’t always have to feel happiness all the time, so worse moments should force us to reflect on what we already have. This way, the misfortune that has befallen us will be less stressful for us.

Do not worry too much

Negative emotions very often come from worrying. We think about the future, which may seem dark. We also remember the past as our “golden time” and idealize it. Let’s try to take a rational approach to the reality around us. Let’s ask ourselves questions:

  • Does anything indicate that my future may not be satisfactory to me?
  • Has anything good happened in my life recently?
  • Do I have people around me who can help me in a difficult situation?

Surely we can see that our fears are not justified, and certainly we exaggerate them. Worrying and thinking about scenarios that don’t exist has nothing to do with rational planning, so it’s a good idea to stop this practice. They can only harm us and worsen our mood.

Do not compare yourself and do not worry about the opinion of others

Remember that often the opinions of strangers do not correspond to the way we live our lives or the way we want our future to be. Being concerned about the opinion of those who are probably looking at us from their perspective is unnecessary. Our decisions should only be supported by the experiences we have ourselves.

A very bad habit that causes us to accumulate negative thoughts is comparing ourselves. Nowadays, social media strongly promotes a similar lifestyle, full of luxury and glamour. Remember that in the age of the internet, many photos or posts are easy to manipulate. Beautiful photos and perfectly fitting clothes are just a cover. We don’t know exactly if this idealized life is really that great. We certainly won’t find out either. Let’s live our lives and not compare ourselves to fictional characters created on Instagram or Facebook.

Photo by Miguel Arcanjo Saddi/Pexels

Live responsibly

We accumulate many negative thoughts and fears because we fail to take responsibility for our decisions. If we make a mistake – we don’t admit it, as a result we are angry with ourselves and the situation that happened to us. It is worthwhile to forgive ourselves for some mistakes, and also to look for solutions how to fix them. If we succeed in doing so, our lives will be much simpler.

Don’t harbor grudges

Apart from forgiving ourselves, it is also worth forgiving others. People, just like ourselves, make mistakes and don’t often learn from them. We can be hurt many times by people close to us or strangers. It is worth forgiving because harboring hurt and holding a permanent grudge against the world is very toxic and does not allow us to open up to new friendships.

But remember that being in a relationship that is toxic for you and forgiveness are two different things. If a person keeps hurting us and not giving us any positive emotions, then let’s not be afraid to cut them off. Don’t be afraid to take care of your own well-being, as well as your mental health, and look for other acquaintances who will give you a lot of joy and satisfaction.

Also among our family there may be toxic people, so it is worth keeping contact with them at a minimum, but also to protect our own psyche from constant attacks from such people

There are no negative emotions, but we may have many toxic thoughts that “poison” our daily functioning. It is worth then to focus on our successes and positive situations, cut off from toxic people, and above all try to live life to the fullest. Regardless of the situation, it is worth having a spark of hope and many positive thoughts.

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