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It’s never too late to learn, but as we get older and depending on the type of activity, memorizing new information becomes more difficult. Surely, each of us has thought at least once: how to remember new information faster? Well, there are actually many different ways to do this. Which ones are right for you? We suggest.

Repetition of information – an old and proven way

One of the best ways to remember new information is to repeat something repeatedly. The more often, the better. It is said that you need to read a given material 16 times to learn it. We recommend using this scheme: repeat everything you learned the same day you read it for the first time. Then repeat the material the next day. You can do this later in two or three days, and then in a week. Even after such a simple procedure, the result should be satisfactory.

When you need to learn not a continuous text, but single words, we recommend using a notebook in which you start writing new words several times a day. At the same time, then two types of memory work: visual and motor. For those who want to learn a foreign language and, for example, better remember Chinese characters, this method is ideal.

There are the following types of sensory memory:

  • visual memory (visual);
  • motor memory (kinesthetic);
  • auditory memory;
  • taste memory;
  • olfactory memory;
  • pain memory;
  • eidetic memory (perception of an object in its absence).

For each person, one or another memory mechanism may work better or worse. So it is best to try different methods.

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Auditory information

If you are an auditory learner, always say out loud everything you learn and read. Listen to audiobooks and podcasts. Usually, good textbooks include a list of the words you’re reading. If you can’t find the recording you want, read the material on a dictaphone and listen to your own recording. This practice includes repeating out loud. Are you learning vocabulary in a foreign language? Remember to repeat important words several times. Preferably at least 5 times. Use new words in conversation, build sentences with them.

Visual memorising

If you are a visual learner, you can use techniques such as: visualization, cards, marking the text with multicolored markers, “photographing with your eyes”, etc. When reading a new text, try out techniques to visualize the information. Imagine everything that you are reading about. This will make it easier for you to understand new material.

A large amount of information is difficult to remember if it is continuous text. First, highlight the highlights with a different color, underline sentences, or bold the text if you are using a computer. Then try to turn the text into a system: create lists, subsections, draw charts, create diagrams. A structured display of information will help you remember it better.

If you wonder how easy it is to memorize foreign words, try writing them on different cards, and on the back of the cards write a translation or explanation of each word. Divide the words into groups and use a specific color of paper for each group

Remembering through movement

For kinesthesia, you need to remember taste, touch, and movement. Take a book and go to a park where the smell of the grass will help you remember the information. Move around and at the same time repeat what you need to remember. Draw in the air the words and numbers you are learning.

Let your imagination run wild

As you study new information, come up with associations related to it. This method has two advantages: the learning process is more interesting and it is really easier to remember new things. When you come across an unfamiliar, foreign word, try to associate it with something familiar. The association can be obvious or illogical, but original, based on positive or negative emotions, related to you or another person, even senses! Use anything that will have an effect. You can even build a whole chain of new words to remind yourself.

How do I remember new information quickly?

Based on the availability of many methods of memorization, the advice is one: try different techniques depending on your leading channel of information perception, add something of your own to them, improve them, combine them, and then you will definitely manage to effectively assimilate any knowledge.

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