How to boost self-confidence?

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Not all of us have the right amount of self-confidence. This affects our relationships with loved ones, but also at work. How to effectively get rid of overwhelming thoughts and finally believe in your own abilities?

We underestimate ourselves

Instead of focusing on our strengths, we often underestimate ourselves, noticing mainly our weaknesses, giving in to negative emotions. We dwell on what has gone wrong instead of being happy with what we have achieved. How can we change this?

Not right away

The process of boosting your self-confidence is a long one, developing gradually. We need to develop a series of changes in which we make a strong commitment, a new thinking about ourselves. Working on ourselves consists of special knowledge, which will rebuild our consciousness, adequate tools and a system of new habits. We do not inherit the lack of self-confidence, and thanks to exercises, self-awareness and increased control over emotions, we can start functioning differently at any time.

Work on yourself!

Sometimes it helps to talk to a loved one or a psychologist who can show us the way out of our “black hole”. But some things we can change right away, on our own, especially if we know where to look.

Take care of yourself

Each of us is unique, different in his own way. Analyzing our mistakes again and again and constantly criticizing our behavior does not make sense, it is more important to step forward, not backward. Accept your flaws, your appearance, start treating yourself as someone valuable, so the world will notice it too. Change your attitude.

Correct posture

Straighten up. It may be strange and sound like a “Spider” commercial from years ago, but it is nonetheless a stepping stone to feeling a seed of power within yourself. Correct posture promotes good functioning of internal organs, makes us look taller, determined. It’s easier for us to say “no” then.

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Way of speaking

An insecure person often speaks quickly, inarticulately, and “half-heartedly,” as if he or she were afraid of being interrupted and not having any more opportunity to express his or her opinion. When you speak more slowly, you have a chance to think about the right choice of words, to make them clear and to emphasize what you think is more important.

Facial expressions

Look at people, don’t be afraid of them. Keep your eyes on the interlocutor, gesture. Nobody is forcing you to go out on the street and smile at random people, but… maybe you should think about it? A natural, positive facial expression has a good effect on people around you, it’s no secret. When dealing with something at the post office, let’s smile and our interlocutor will surely approach us differently. Smiling makes us look cheerful and confident.

Take the initiative

Afraid that someone will find your ideas or opinion worthless? There’s only one way to find out. Take a test, share your thoughts, try things out, see what happens. At most, someone will disagree with you, and another will disagree. You have the right to your own views, no one will take that away from you.


Motivate yourself to act, don’t give in to negative emotions. Try to live a day without complaining, and then another and another. A positive vision of the future will make you optimistic and increase your power predisposition.


If you feel weak in a certain area it is a sign that you should learn more and not give up. This is a challenge from life! Not everyone has to be perfect in everything they do, we can admit our mistakes and fix them. If we feel comfortable in a certain area of knowledge, maybe we should explore it?

Working towards your dreams

Self-confidence is a series of interrelated traits such as self-esteem, self-acceptance, confidence and belief, or a positive attitude toward possibilities. Without it, we don’t go anywhere, we don’t take risks, being too afraid of the consequences. And after all, that’s not how you get to your dreams!

Main Photo: andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

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