Why drink water with lemon?

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Many people have already been convinced of the health benefits of this drink. What happens in our body after drinking a glass of water with lemon?

Starting your day with a glass of lemon water can do more than you think. Apart from the dose of vitamin C this drink has many other beneficial properties. Find out why you should drink lemon water every day.

Health benefits of lemon water

The benefits of drinking lemon water are many, and some of them can significantly improve the condition of your body.

  1. Cleansing toxins and deacidifying the body – consuming plenty of fluids helpsto get rid of impurities from the body. Making a habit of drinking water in the morning is the first step towards proper hydration of the body. Water with lemon has an additional effect on deacidification. Lemon has alkaline properties and effectively neutralizes acidic products of metabolism
  1. A daily dose of antioxidants – lemon juice has flavonoids, which have antioxidant properties. So, they protect cell proteins and DNA from the harmful effects of free radicals. Thus, they can reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease
  1. Lowering blood pressure – this is not the end of the positive properties of lemon juice, flavonoids present in it lower blood pressure and improve insulin sensitivity of tissues, thus preventing diabetes
  1. Hydrate your body first thing in the morning – water mixed with lemon can hydrate your body better than water alone. Lemon juice enriches the drink with electrolytes, so it effectively replenishes the body’s fluid deficit after a night out
  1. Aid digestion – proper hydration of the body promotes faster digestion. In addition, lemon juice can cause accelerated secretion of bile, which aids in the digestion of fats from food.
  1. Reduced risk of kidney stones – the acid present in lemon juice prevents calcium binding and thus the formation of kidney stones. It is also indicated for its ability to dissolve stones already present, due to the action of esters present in citric acid
  1. Support in weight loss – if we are trying to get rid of some extra pounds, a glass of water with lemon will turn out to be a great ally of our diet. Drinking it before each meal will provide a feeling of fullness, which will make it easier for us to reduce meal portions.

When to drink lemon water?

To get the desired results it is best to drink a glass of lemon water on an empty stomach, just after waking up, at least half an hour before your first meal. After about two weeks of regular drinking we should feel its positive effects on our body.

How much lemon juice for one glass of water?

It is recommended to squeeze at least half a lemon into a standard glass (200-250 ml). If you don’t mind the taste being too sour, you can of course add more juice from the fruit. Moreover, while preparing this healthy drink, we can also enrich its taste with a bit of honey, addition of cinnamon, ginger or mint

Hot or cold water?

It can be said that there is a dispute about the temperature of water. Some say that water should definitely be warm, boiled. Others suggest that the temperature does not matter – you can drink both cold and hot water. Therefore, in this matter, it is best to rely on your own experience and simply check what water temperature suits you best.

Main photo: Francesca Hotchin/unsplash.com

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