Interesting coffee drinking habits from around the world that will surprise you

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A cup of coffee in the morning is a daily ritual for millions of people around the world. But the love of this life-giving beverage has been around since long before Starbucks had a location on every street corner

In almost every corner of the globe, unique traditions have evolved around the preparation and serving of coffee.

Coffee rituals from around the world

Countless cups of coffee are consumed around the world every day. This black liquid gold is said to have originated in Ethiopia, from where trade and migration spread it to Europe, Asia and afar.

Coffee drinking has always been associated with unique regional traditions that have evolved around the sourcing, preparation and enjoyment of this global beverage: coffee ceremonies that last for hours in Ethiopia or a quick espresso in an Italian café…

This seemingly simple to prepare cup of drink remains an important and cherished ritual in many parts of the world. It signals a moment of connection with others and pleasure, no matter the time or place.

Swedish fika

This is not a cup of coffee drunk hurriedly in front of a computer – it’s a small, slow moment. Fika can be used as both a noun and a verb. So you can do fika and you can also have fika.

Generally, it is a break from routine with a cup of coffee. A favorite part of Swedish fika culture is that it brings people together through conversation. Coffee is not taken to go and is not drunk while driving a car. It involves a break and the joy of spending time with another person.

We could all benefit from more regular, small doses of such slowing down in our daily lives.

The Italian River of Espresso

Coffee sets the rhythm of every day in Italy. Typically, Italians start their day with a morning brew made at home in a special moka pot, followed by an espresso or three at a coffee shop as the hours pass. When we meet a friend or go to a neighbor’s house in Italy, we will always be asked, “Would you like a coffee?” Coffee is an excuse to talk, to connect with people. It is a very important cultural element for Italians.

Aromatic Turkish Coffee

Coffee lovers are surely familiar with the little brass or copper pot with a long handle that is the definition of Turkish coffee. This type of coffee focuses on the brewing process, in which very finely ground coffee is heated with water, in a pot over an open flame.

The brew is then served unfiltered, often with sweets, with fine grounds settling on the cup. Turkish coffee culture is said to have begun when the Ottomans first brought black gold and this brewing method with them from Yemen. The custom continues to this day.


In Vietnam, people drink coffee many times a day. This is another example of a country where coffee is more than a drink. It’s how people socialize, how they spend time together. It’s an extension of their homes

Traditional Vietnamese coffee is brewed using a finisher, a tin, aluminum or steel filter that is placed over a glass and filled with coffee. Vietnam had no electricity for many decades, so this non-obvious method reflects the country and culture. The brew resembles espresso. It is thick and concentrated, with a strong flavor and nutty and chocolatey notes due to the typical use of robusta beans.

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