The best essential oils for feeling better

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Among the broad uses of essential oils is scent therapy, or aromatherapy. Individual essential oils have properties that can improve mood. See which oils you can reach for to improve your mood.

Plant oils are used to treat ailments such as headaches, respiratory infections and colds. Essential oils can also be used to improve your mood. See which oils have a positive effect on your mood.

Lavender oil for sedation and sleep problems

If you want to cope with nervousness, soothe your nerves or fall asleep easier, then reach for lavender oil. Its soothing properties will help you calm down and relax. Lavender oil is also a way to fall asleep easier. It is also recommended as a remedy for depressed mood.

Sandalwood oil will bring balance to the mind

For those who struggle with irritability, anxiety and worry, a relaxing bath with sandalwood oil can help. The soothing properties of sandalwood will restore balance to the mind, dispel negative thoughts and help relieve tension.

Vanilla and jasmine – a cure for sadness

Positive effects of vanilla and jasmine make these oils recommended for despondency and sadness. Their properties are able to alleviate depression and lift your spirits. You can use the mixture of these oils to make a refreshing mist, which you can then spray in the room or add to your bath.

Orange oil for sleep problems

Orange oil will remedy your sleeping problems. Moreover, it will also have a positive effect on the quality of your sleep by alleviating disturbances. It will also help soothe your nerves, calm you down and relieve symptoms of depression. Both sweet and bitter orange oil have these wonderful properties.

Bergamot oil for nervousness

An oil that will help soothe your nerves and calm you down after stressful situations is bergamot. It’s good to have on hand at work when moments of tension happen. Bergamot will also help you recover from mood swings.

Rosemary oil for concentration

If you are looking for a way to boost your mental abilities, reach for rosemary oil. This formula will help you concentrate and remember more information. Therefore, it can prove to be an ideal companion for studying, intellectual work or when planning new ventures.

St. John’s wort oil to soothe your nerves

Even the ancients marveled at the miraculous effects of St. John’s wort. Its properties can soothe various nervous disorders. St. John’s wort calms, helps to calm down and to cope with excessive emotions.

Tangerine oil for tranquility

An excellent preparation for calming down and alleviating anxiety is tangerine oil. Its positive effects will help you cope with excessive emotions, relieve excitement, and help you fall asleep.

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