Sea buckthorn oil – find out its properties

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The fashion for ecology and natural care is coming. If you have not yet discovered the properties of sea buckthorn oil, you should read this article! Surely you will quickly become convinced of its extraordinary qualities!

Sea buckthorn oil – properties

Sea-buckthorn oil helps quickly get rid of digestive problems. Additionally, it has a great effect on the skin. What is important, you can also use it internally, as a supplement to a salad dressing or a dietary supplement – mix a teaspoon of oil with water and drink before each meal.

Sea buckthorn oil:

  • regulates blood cholesterol levels,
  • anti-inflammatory and antibacterial,
  • accelerates skin regeneration, reducing redness and irritation,
  • has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effect thanks to high content of vitamins A, B and C,
  • supports heart and circulatory system,
  • supports functioning of the liver and intestines – consumption of sea buckthorn oil significantly improves secretion of digestive juices and speeds up intestinal peristalsis
  • cures heartburn and stomach ache,
  • supports the fight against free radicals thanks to the content of phytosterols,
  • contains valuable omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids,

Sea buckthorn oil for the face

Sea buckthorn oil can be successfully used instead of other cosmetics. It acts as a natural sunscreen that protects the skin from UV rays. Thanks to the fatty acids and flavonoids it contains, it has an anti-aging effect and fights free radicals. It is especially recommended for mature skin and skin prone to vascular redness. Vitamin C in sea buckthorn oil makes blood vessels stronger and less prone to bursting.

Use sea buckthorn oil on cleansed facial skin, especially during the day, as sun protection. It absorbs quickly and moisturizes the skin perfectly, leaving water inside. It can also be used on skin all over the body, especially on dry and irritated areas.

It reduces burns, has a regenerative effect on the skin and reduces scars and abrasions of the epidermis. It stimulates skin cells to multiply, so it should be used in case of wounds and small cuts.

Who should not use sea buckthorn oil?

Sea buckthorn oil is an all-natural preparation, but you should consult your doctor or pharmacist before using it. It may interact with medicines we take on a regular basis.

It should not be used by pregnant and breast-feeding women. People with gallstones and cholecystitis should also refrain from using sea buckthorn oil. Doctors also warn not to take this oil if you have pancreatic or liver problems. It is ideal for constipation, obstruction and inflammatory bowel disease as a much healthier and safer alternative to an enema.

Who should take sea buckthorn oil?

Sea buckthorn oil should be taken by people:

  • with high cholesterol,
  • coronary heart disease,
  • recurrent constipation,
  • intestinal problems,
  • people undernourished,
  • people who care about an adequate supply of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Where to buy sea buckthorn oil?

You can find it in pharmacies or organic food stores. It is also available in many online stores. You should check that there are no other chemical additives on the package and that it was actually made from sea buckthorn fruit. It should be sold with a special label BIO food and have a short composition. After opening, it is best to store it in a cool and dark place so that it does not lose its valuable properties. It is worth buying it in a dark glass bottle.

Main photo: silviarita/Pixabay

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