Sound massage – what gongs and bowls can do

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Sound massage is growing in popularity, as is meditation. We are exposed to many stressors, stimuli and distractions every day. To some extent we have learned to ignore them. Ask yourself, do you consider the noise of busy streets to be part of the urban landscape, or does it bother you? If so, schedule a relaxing massage!

Why make an appointment for a sound massage?

Studies show that people living in big cities are more likely to suffer from anxiety and mood disorders. If you want to get away from technology and the hustle and bustle of the city, book a sound massage. It will help you relax wonderfully while avoiding burnout.

Gong and Tibetan bowls therapy is a wonderful combination of meditation, live music, massage, psychologist session, ultrasound treatment and nap

The power of the gong comes from the unique properties of sound. It affects both the mind and the body. It will put you in a meditative state as it affects brain wave activity. On a physical level, sound waves stimulate nerve endings. They vibrate every cell in the body. Studies prove that sound massage reduces stress and anxiety, releases physical tension, improves mood and concentration. Thus, anyone can benefit from the healing effects of sound from the very first session. The ancient art of sound healing has been around for over 5000 years

The extraordinary power of sound

The combination of sound and vibration will put you in a state of deep relaxation. It will help to de-stress the mind and body. Placed directly on the – fully clothed – body, Tibetan bowls struck with felt hammers create a soothing sound and gentle vibration. The bowls are strategically placed throughout the body. By engaging meridian points, they send out vibrations. They allow sound and energy to flow, promoting harmony and deep relaxation

Based on the theory that vibrations release trapped energy stored in the body, sound massage creates gentle, rhythmic pulses. These vibrations are strategically sent through the body, massaging cells and relieving tension. At the same time, the frequency range emitted by the bowls has a calming effect.

Tibetan bowls sound massage affects every cell in the body. Vibrations and sounds will put you on a gentle path of regeneration of body and mind. They will revive the basic genetic information of DNA.

Garima’s Good Life – Tibetan Singing Bowls sound Spa

How does sound massage affect the body?

A relaxing massage with bowls or gongs takes about 90 minutes. It will put you in a state of deep relaxation, regenerating your muscles and nervous system. It will alleviate pain in joints and muscles, digestive tract, head and back. It will also help in case of migraines, sciatica, spinal injuries and ailments caused by poor blood circulation. This massage also supports the digestive system by eliminating toxins from the body. It also ensures better energy flow. It releases the body from tension and blockages. Additionally, it strengthens the immune system.

The mental, emotional and spiritual dimension of sound massage

Gong or Tibetan bowls massage wonderfully relaxes the mind. It allows you to escape from everyday worries. It facilitates learning from the past and exploring new ways. Additionally improves concentration. Clears the mind of negative thoughts. Relieves tension and mental/emotional blocks. Adds energy to action and encourages you to take on new challenges.

Sound massage improves your mood. Enables you to experience bliss. It facilitates balance and harmony in everyday life and at work.

What properties does a Tibetan bowl have?

Tibetan bowls, also called singing or healing bowls, produce gentle and harmonious sounds. They introduce an atmosphere of safety. They release stress, anxiety, worry, doubts and feelings which have negative influence on our health.

On a daily basis, the brain works on the beta frequency. The sounds gently engage the brain, putting it first into an alpha state, then theta and delta, then deep relaxation and meditation occurs. During this state the heart rate slows down and the body is able to rejuvenate and find peace of mind.

To generate sound and vibration, the massage therapist uses one or more Tibetan bowls. They are made of at least seven different metals. They vary in size and weight, so they generate sounds of different frequencies. They reach different parts of the body

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