Positive thinking – how to learn it?

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There has been increasing talk about how tremendous power is bestowed upon our thoughts and imaginations. This truth has been reflected in statements such as: “What’s inside is outside,” “thoughts are matter,” “negative thinking attracts negative events,” etc. It would seem that the outer world and the inner world are two independent entities. However, this is not so.

Pessimistic thinking promotes the occurrence of undesirable events in our lives by the very fact that we fail to see the positive and focus on the negative. Our lives are arranged according to the scenario that the consciousness has created. Psychology teaches that our thinking works on the principle of a sieve, i.e., the sieve is a pattern of thinking on which what is closer to it remains. An overload of negative thoughts breeds an inability to find a way out of a difficult situation, creates strained relationships with the environment, and even causes numerous diseases.

Positive thinking – how to learn it?

How to learn to think positively and change your view of reality, if from the beginning you tend to see everything in black colors? You should not put a cross on yourself. Our consciousness can create a new vision of life provided you follow a few principles. Here they are:

Set your mind on the positive

Always set yourself up for positive thoughts and emotions. Don’t allow negative thoughts to linger in your consciousness for too long. If they do come up, take time for an internal dialogue and try to turn the downside into a positive. If there is something you can praise yourself for, do it. Remember: negative thinking attracts negative events to you.

Don’t allow yourself to be disappointed

If you encounter obstacles and setbacks, see them as life experiences and opportunities to develop your weaknesses. Look for alternative ways to solve the problem. Your job is to achieve balance, to create a positive view of the world no matter how much effort it takes. Disappointments will drag you down and keep you from living life to the fullest.

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Keep in touch with people who are positive about life

The question, “how do you learn to think positively?” will be answered by people just like you. Try to surround yourself with people who see the positives in everything and don’t focus on the failures. At the same time, push away those who dwell on past wrongs, hold grudges, or don’t love life at all. Such people take away a lot of your energy and spiritual strength.

Don’t lose faith in yourself

Whatever happens, don’t lose faith in yourself and your abilities. Try something new every day, like taking a different route to work or eating lunch somewhere new. Take an interest in the lives of people who know what success means and what it costs. Meet people who have persistently pursued their goals and learn from them.

Set your mind on achieving your goal

Success comes to those who clearly see their goals and consistently work towards them. Always create a plan for yourself to achieve a given goal and do not deviate from it. Notice even the smallest achievements – your consciousness will encode positive experiences, which will ultimately strengthen your self-confidence and reinforce positive thinking.

Remember: thought is matter

To develop the habit of positive thinking, you need to be aware that thought is matter. Negative thinking is capable of poisoning your life and bringing you bad events. Take a moment each day to think about what else you can do to make your thinking more positive.

Learn to see the good in the bad

Your personal attitude toward a situation or problem will help you achieve balance. If you are unable to change something, change your attitude toward it.

Enjoy the small things

Don’t make your happiness and contentment dependent on far-fetched expectations such as wealth or fame. Learn to enjoy the little things: nice weather, a nice conversation partner, a good movie, etc. It’s not hard to develop this habit in yourself. Just think how many people are deprived of what you have in abundance.

Focus on continuous development

There are many benefits to working on yourself. Every day you will notice that you are making progress, you are richer with new knowledge, and thus – happier. By investing strength and resources in your own development, you will strengthen the confidence you need to fight negative thinking.

Live life to the full

Living life to the fullest means finding time, strength and resources for the widest possible spectrum of life areas – family, personal life, friends, work, hobbies, travel. All of these should be present in your life.

Adopt these principles and start living by them. With them, you’ll begin to change and feel like you’ve been born again.

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