How do you plan your career?

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Career planning is very important because it makes us confident about our employment and future. Before deciding what you want to do and where you want to work, you should plan some points and ask questions to plan your career better.

Career planning step by step

Career planning is important for several reasons. First of all, we will then be confident about our stable financial situation. Most importantly, we will also be pursuing a profession that we really like.

Before planning your career path, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What do I like to do?
  2. What am I good at?
  3. What education or courses do I have that could bring me closer to my dream profession?
  4. What competencies do I have?
  5. What soft skills do I have?
  6. Will my life situation allow me to pursue my dream profession?
  7. What is the competition on the job market, considering my dream profession?

All these questions are very important in planning your professional future. First and foremost, you should look among the industries and professions that you see yourself in and that you would enjoy. Thomas Edison often emphasized that: “I never worked even a day. It was always fun.” By choosing a profession that we are passionate about, we will be much more motivated not only to do the work itself, but also to grow in that direction. Having such a great motivation we are also assured that work will not be an unpleasant chore and that we will complete tasks quickly. This will also be a part of our professional but also personal success.

It is also very important whether we have the skills that will help us in our dream profession. It is about our competences, education and completed courses. Thanks to this knowledge we know in what profession we will feel good, but also it will become much more pleasant and easier for us. If we do not have enough courses or we do not feel very confident, it is worth analyzing what will be useful in our profession, and then we can try to gain experience.

Not without importance is also our personal situation. If we have small children or are not able to work physically, it is worth choosing such a professional path, which will not interfere with our private goals and dreams. We have different priorities in life, and by realizing what problems we need to find solutions for, it will certainly be easier for us to choose a job that will help us realize ourselves.


What to do when we don’t know what profession to choose?

Many young people do not know what profession they want to pursue. A good way to find our own career path is to try several professions and not to close ourselves to job offers. Experience in different industries will help us to test ourselves in them and to make a final decision later on whether this career path is right for us.

You can take advantage of free internships and apprenticeships especially during your studies, because thanks to them it will be much easier for you to find your dream profession. It is also easier to establish contacts with various companies, which will write references after completing the internship. After gaining education it will be easier to gain first experience in companies, where we have already done student or professional practice.

There is a reason why many young people take part in competitions at universities or career offices, because thanks to them you can also get a place in your dream company. At the beginning the work on the internship may be a bit different from our expectations, but over time we will certainly gain access to training and courses.

Professional career strongly affects our future, so it is worthwhile to start planning our life path as early as possible. It is helpful to meet with practitioners who will tell us how their path looked like and advise us on what to do to succeed in our industry. Many places also organize individual meetings with coaches and career counselors. After an interview with us, it will be much easier for them to find an individual solution for us and to present an offer for internships and placements

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