Do what you love, or what to do to make work a passion?

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Many people wonder if it is possible to combine work with passion. After all, it may be just a simple ”making money” that ends when you leave the premises of your company. It is worth looking at the bigger picture: doing what you love will improve your productivity. Hours spent on professional duties will stop being so tiring. Maybe it’s worth a try?

Great happiness – make money on your passion

The ideal situation is when we have passions that can be easily monetized. Then it’s not a big problem to combine work and hobbies, because you actually make money on something that brings you joy and you don’t feel like you’re at work. Influencers, actors, martial arts stars – combining a beloved activity with drawing a substantial income from it seems to us reserved for the few. In practice, it doesn’t have to be like that – but the road to such fulfillment is sometimes not easy

What are the benefits of combining passion with work?

It is worth realizing what is really at stake. Doing what we love, we can fulfill our dreams. Steve Jobs said in one of his speeches that to do well at work, we must love what we do. There’s a lot of truth to that – especially in the long run. In the short run, it is possible to force ourselves to be very productive even in a job that we consider meaningless. This is especially true if you are young and eager for new challenges. Over time, such a state is bound to end in burnout. The combination of work and passion reduces the risk of professional exhaustion. Additionally, it will be easier for us to continue learning, improving our skills, and soliciting new opportunities on our professional path

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How do you get your dream job? First, you need to know yourself

Combining work with passion is an important life goal. How can we execute such a plan if we don’t know where we’re actually going? Getting to know yourself is a fundamental factor in combining work and passion. It is helpful to answer three basic questions:

  • What in particular do I like to do?
  • What do I have the talent, ability and potential to do?
  • Is there a market demand for this?

Starting out on a new path can be difficult

Once you know what you are passionate about, you should start looking for your dream job. What risks can you face at this stage? It seems that there can be two problems:

  • exaggerated caution – a situation in which we will always only dream of combining work with passion, but we will always find some excuses not to pursue our goal. In the way may be lack of time, lack of confidence or simply postponing everything for later.
  • a complete lack of caution – we can’t go to extremes and give up all the basics that our life is currently based on. It is not always a good idea to quit your job and start your own business. It is better to move to it gradually – first accumulate capital and have the right know-how

The method of small steps

It is difficult to achieve success in a short time. Why divide the way to the goal into stages? It is safer and has a good influence on our motivation. We see our progress and want to go further to achieve success and combine passion with work.

Resistance to setbacks

There will always be smaller or bigger setbacks on the road to success. Let’s treat them as lessons and see them as opportunities. Thanks to them we can modify our plan and learn new things. After all, it is about being happy in your work, not about faithfully sticking to the chosen path.

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