Why dance bachata?

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Bachata is a social dance that combines Latin and Caribbean dance moves and rhythms. The dance is characterized by an uncomplicated yet highly coordinated step system with a partner.

History of the bachata dance

The dance has its origins in the poor districts of the Dominican Republic. It was there in the middle of the 20th century that bachata was born. In the 80s the dance went beyond the slum area. At the same time it stopped telling stories about hardships and miseries of the simple people, transforming into a sensual dance, the content of which is love.

The dance technique transferred to one country or another was influenced by a different culture. As a result, the modern bachata danced today by the inhabitants of Europe is very different from the original version of the dance.

Styles of bachata

Although bachata is a fairly young dance technique, it is not inferior to other older types of dance. The movements of the dancers are captivating, sensual and even erotic. There is a reason why bachata and salsa come first out of all Latin American dances.

Several styles of bachata have developed over time. Among them:

1. Dominican bachata. This faction has preserved the original movements of the dancers.

2. Bachata sensual. As the name suggests, this is a sensual form of dance that involves the whole body. The essence of this variety of bachata is a special closeness between partners, so there is no room for violent and fast movements.

3. Bachata moderna. This is a simplified version of the original dance, recommended for people beginning their adventure with the dance.

4. Bachata solo. As you can guess, this is a variation of bachata danced solo, but keeping the moves performed in a couple.

Alicia y Yexy/Señorita Bachata Remix – Dj Tronky / Judit & Yexy Jr. Bachata Dance

Why dance bachata?

Every dance has a number of benefits. But because of its specificity bachata develops many additional skills. If you don’t know how to dance bachata, here are 7 reasons why you should go to a dance school and learn it.

It trains the body

Dancing involves all the muscles of the body, therefore bachata can effectively replace tiring gym workouts. Thanks to bachata your body will gain health and vigour. I think it’s a convincing argument, don’t you?

It strengthens heart function

Daily chores take up a lot of our time, which makes us neglect our health and heart. Although we have plenty of exercises at our disposal that we can do practically anywhere, we get lazy at the thought of them. But bachata can replace all these strenuous exercises and is very good for your circulation.

It gives pleasure

Bachata is the kind of dance where you can feel as free as possible and let go of all your inhibitions. Bachata lowers stress levels, promotes the release of happy hormones, making you feel relaxed, calm, joyful and free from worries and anxieties after the class. Another positive aspect of bachata is that there are no clearly defined rules, as in the case of the waltz, which gives plenty of room for improvisation. This makes the dance even more enjoyable.

Develops alertness

Bachata requires maximum coordination with your partner, you have to feel his body as your own, and thus react to his movements, without breaking the rhythm. Thus bachata develops your reflexes, sharpens your alertness and sensitivity to new sensations.

It is a gateway to learning other dances

If you learn to dance bachata, it will be easy for you to learn other types of dance. This is because bachata is based on coordinated dance movements, which is the most difficult thing for all those who start dancing. Good motor coordination is a guarantee of success in learning any type of dance.

Boosts self-confidence

Learning bachata results in increased self-esteem and self-confidence. This hot dance from the Dominican Republic will give you vigor, develop your communicativeness, sensuality and emotionality, and make you shine in any company. And when you try with your partner to give a small show of what you can do, all men (or respectively all women) will be courting you.

It makes you more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex

Bachata is a kind of exercise that will make you not only more beautiful but also feel great. This will make you more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. Your chances of finding your other half will increase.

So, if you don’t have time for the gym but still want to get a stunning figure, bachata is the best option. It will make you slim down your figure with pleasure.

Main Photo: Alena Ozerova/Adobe Stock

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