How to be more “hygge”?

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Hygge, referred to as the “Danish art of happiness”, has its origins in the words coziness, comfort or convenience. It is about the derived from the Danish philosophy of life, which in achieving an internal balance sees happiness. Hygge manifests itself in various spheres of life. Here are some of them.

Hygge as a lifestyle

Danes are considered to be a particularly happy nation – perhaps this is the reason for the popularity of the philosophy of life among them, which tells us to enjoy the small and everyday things. In Poland, we learned more about it, among others, thanks to the book “Hygge. The Danish Art of Happiness” by Marie Tourel Søderberg

What is hygge?

A somewhat vague statement about a “philosophy of life” is nevertheless the most accurate, because hygge does not have a single definition. It refers to the joy of moments in which one feels a sense of balance, harmony with oneself and with nature

History of hygge

Hygge is nothing new in the lives of Danish people. On the contrary, this style of thinking has been appreciated for centuries. It is regarded as part of the Danish culture. It is characteristic of the Danish way of looking at home as a place for family gatherings, a refuge, a retreat, where we enjoy the little things and live them. The idea of a welfare state, which is developed in Denmark, promotes open, tolerant and trusting attitudes, a cheerful contemplation of reality

Hygge in everyday life

The practice of hygge in one’s own life is based on many, often small, opportunities to look at what is happening around cheerfully. It can manifest itself in family relationships and spending time together. This is especially true when it comes to strengthening bonds in multi-generational families. Other occasions may include eating meals together, strengthening neighborhood relationships, or style of dress and especially interior design

Hygge style fashion

What are the characteristics of hygge style fashion? Small pleasures that make life better have also found their place here. Comfortable clothing is preferred above all. Clothes should be pleasant to the touch, warm and visually very cosy. An absolute must have in the female closet is a thick woollen sweater. The colors are mainly white, beige, black, but there are also clothes in orange. For special occasions, a sweater dress is the right choice. Checked clothes are also in vogue. Accessories, of course, include a warm hat, scarf and an interesting bag, e.g. made of ecological leather

Interior design influenced by hygge

Interiors in hygge style have some common features with those arranged in Scandinavian style – for example selection of colors. In practice, minimalism is rather replaced here by simple ways to provide comfort and create a space ideal for meetings

Hygge colors in interiors

Colors should as far as possible be associated with nature and have a subtle character. Again, varying shades of white and grey are of great importance. Blue and deep greens are also suitable as elements of a hygge design. It is not a mistake if accessories such as a blanket are, for example, beige. Cold shades are chosen on purpose – their advantage is that they reflect light. The interior in hygge style has to be bright

Natural materials

The materials used in the interior should also have a natural character. The selection of what is in harmony with respect for the natural environment is inevitable. Wood, ceramics and natural fabrics are an absolute must.

Furniture and flooring

Again, natural materials are king here. Additionally, the furniture should be positioned in such a way that it creates a corner for socializing and encourages conversation. Wooden and warm flooring should allow you to walk on it barefoot.


Hygge style is also about mood lighting created by lamps and candles. Among the fabrics used e.g. for curtains, we will find mainly linen and cotton items. Simple and pleasant to the touch.

Photo Cottonbro/Pexels

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