The power of the subconscious, or how to use the power of your mind?

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A native of Ireland, author Joseph Murphy published his most popular book almost 60 years ago, namely “The Power of the Subconscious”. Despite the fact that decades have passed since its publication, this book is a real treasure trove of knowledge that is able to help many people.

Why should we use our own subconscious?

It’s very simple – thanks to our own subconscious we can get much closer to achieving our goals, and also change our perception of the world. The mind can play all kinds of tricks on us, but learning how to control it and use it in a way that brings us benefits is very possible

Even the smallest change in our lives requires effort. It does not have to be titanic work like mythological heroes or warriors, but getting out of your comfort zone. Another issue is patience. As humans, we like to have immediately what we dream of. And, of course, the world is moving toward the greatest possible convenience and access to many products or services that the greatest dreamers used to not even dream of. But some things are constant – like the fact that every major change in our lives happens gradually and takes time. It’s just like breathtaking buildings. They take years to build.

What is the subconscious?

Well, the subconscious is a part of us that is relatively easy to calibrate to our own needs. The most important thing is that the subconscious does not verify the information given to it. There is a golden thought that says “if you think you can do something, you are right, but if you think you can’t do something, you are also right”. So what can we learn from this wisdom? Well, our subconscious is like soil, and depending on what thoughts and information we sow in it, this is the crop you will reap. The choice is ours.

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Ways to tap into the power of the subconscious

There are several ways to influence the subconscious, so we are free to choose the one that suits us best and incorporate it into our daily lives. Our choices include:


A well-known thought states: “a lie repeated a thousand times becomes the truth.” In the case of affirmations, we are not concerned with lies, but with things we want to achieve or change in our lives. Repeating that thing, saying it out loud many times can eventually lead to it becoming a reality. So how should we affirm?

First think about what you want to achieve or change in your life. For example, let’s say that we want to lose weight, even 10 kg. We weigh, for example, 90 kilograms, so achieving our goal will happen when the scale begins to indicate 80 kilograms. We can put our affirmation in time (although it is not necessary). Let’s say it is the beginning of a new year and you give yourself 3 months to lose weight. Our affirmation might then read as follows:

I (Our Name) will weigh 80 kilograms on, say, March 20.

Another example:

I (Our Name) work in a profession that allows me to be fulfilled and accomplished. I am happy… etc.

We can say these affirmations when we start our career or when we are in the process of finding or changing our employment.


This method consists of imagining exactly the situation in which we would like to find ourselves. This could be, for example, the moment when we achieve our desired goal. When visualizing, it is important that we try to imagine all the emotions and feelings that will accompany us at that moment.

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