Travel and sport – an essential part of mental balance

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Despite appearances, sports and travel have a lot in common. Both activities positively affect a person’s mental and physical health, improving confidence and overall health, and reducing stress or anxiety.


Building intimacy

Marriage counselors usually suggest couples go on vacation to clarify differences and gain mutual understanding. Their chances of falling in love again increase and intimacy grows, building their relationship. Shymoshka glade is the place where you and your other half are sure to find your way together.

Building a bond

A sense of community develops emotional bonding and helps us build relationships. Our travel partners can be friends, family or a group of strangers. Bonding with people we don’t know makes them friends, and expands social networks. Interacting with strangers makes us more talkative, which increases our confidence level. Traveling together helps strengthen the bond between people.

Discovering new interests

Knowing different cultures helps us discover our interests. Understanding cultures makes life interesting, allowing us to fall in love with each other. Traveling develops our learning skills. Some of these skills can help us advance in our careers and others can help us understand our inner selves.


With the latest technology available, we get information instantly. But it narrows the information, data is filtered before it reaches us, we are not sure what we have learned on the internet. We don’t experience the information, so it easily disappears from our brain. Once you get to that particular place and feel it with your senses, the information is gathered directly by us. No one has filtered it and it is not biased. The world around us is felt by us and such information will definitely remain in our memory. It is worth getting to know and feel Polish cities such as Krakow, Warsaw or Gdansk

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Improve your health

Hiking in the forest clears the mind, cools us down, cures anxiety and depression, when we are mentally healthy, our physical health improves too. In this way, traveling leads to a healthy life. Fresh air also plays a role in making us happy and healthy. Moreover, traveling can soothe the pain after unpleasant experiences.

Stress Relief

A routine, boring, monotonous life makes one unhappy and the best way to get out of it is to travel. It can be long or short distance, breaking the routine strengthens our ability to take on new challenges in our career and life.

Tired of taunts from the boss at the office, parents and spouse at home, children driving us crazy. Before you explode, pack a bag and plan a vacation! It’s rejuvenating and strengthens your ability to handle situations.

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Combining sports with travel, and thus the health benefits of both activities, is a way to live happily. You can take up sports such as kayaking or SkiTouring. With increased physical activity, you may notice effects such as:

Milder symptoms of depression

Participating in sports can make you feel less depressed. A research team led by Dr. Michael Babyak found that people with depression who participated in organized sports activities for 4 months were more likely to report minimal or no symptoms of depression than comparison groups who either took medication for depression or used both – medication and exercise. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends exercise as a way to alleviate depression in teens, citing a 2006 study in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology as evidence.

Less anxiety

In 2005, a study appeared in which researchers chemically induced panic attacks in two groups of patients suffering from anxiety disorders: one who had just finished exercising for 30 minutes, and one who rested during that time. After the injection, both groups became more anxious, but significantly fewer members of the exercise group had panic attacks compared to the resting control group.

Increased self-esteem

One of the physical benefits of playing sports is that people tend to lose weight and gain muscle mass, improving appearance and self-esteem. The Association for Applied Sports Psychology officially lists improved self-esteem as a psychological benefit of exercise. Claims such as these gained additional credibility in a 2000 study published in the journal Pediatric Exercise Science, on a large sample of 6,923 adolescents. In both male and female adolescents, levels of exercise were associated with a better sense of self-image.

Increased self-confidence

If you feel less depressed and anxious and view yourself more positively, you feel more confident overall. Experts indicate that athletic people have increased energy, making it easier for them to complete daily tasks and responsibilities.

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