Fat burning – what is it?

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What is fat burning? Is this workout suitable for everyone? What effects does it bring and is it safe for health? You will read about it in the article below.

Fat burning is an intensive fitness training combining exercises and dancing to the rhythm of energetic music. It consists of stretching and strengthening exercises and dance figures, all choreographed by the trainer. Fat burning can be performed both in a group during fitness classes conducted under the supervision of a trainer, as well as independently at home.

What does a fat burning workout look like?

Fat burning activates the entire body, based on aerobic exercises. However, it mainly focuses on abdominal muscles, thighs, hips and buttocks. In addition, it includes stretching and warm-up exercises that prepare the body for fat burning.

The choreography of exercises performed during fat burning consists of dance figures, steps performed to the rhythm of music, and classic sports exercises such as squats, jumps, intensive marching on the spot, or bicycles in the supine position.

What effects can fat burning bring?

This training primarily activates body parts such as thighs, buttocks and abdominal muscles. It also strengthens the whole body and has a positive effect on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems and speeds up metabolism.

During an hour-long training we can burn up to 600 kcal. However, it should be remembered that the process of burning fat starts only after about 30 minutes of exercise. 

Visible results can therefore be achieved by regular training 3 times a week, lasting at least half an hour. The level of exercise should be matched to the capabilities and fitness of the exercising person.

When is the best time for fat burning training?

In order to speed up metabolism and get the most visible results in the shortest possible time, fat burning training is recommended in the morning or evening. In the latter case, nothing heavy should be eaten after training but a light dinner. 

Types of fat burning workout

When training in a fitness club under the supervision of a trainer, we can choose between two types of fat burning training – fat burning low and fat burning high. They differ in intensity and level of difficulty of the exercises performed.

Fat burning low is a workout with a calmer pace and less advanced exercises. It does not include jumping or fast running on the spot. This type of training will therefore be more suitable for beginners or people who have not performed any physical activity for a long time.

Fat burning high, in turn, is characterized by a higher level of difficulty and intensity of exercises. The choreography is more dynamic and includes elements such as jumps, or fast running in place. For this reason it is not recommended for people who complain about joint ailments. Fat burning high will be a suitable form of exercise for people with good physical condition, who like intense exercise to the rhythm of music.

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