Pleasant autumn mood at home – how to introduce it?

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The end of summer doesn’t have to evoke sad feelings, because the coming months can be full of good things. Find out how to create a cozy atmosphere at home and enjoy the autumn time.

Atmospheric autumn

Until now you’ve associated autumn with shorter days, bad weather, and colds? Break the pattern and start appreciating seasonal attractions, such as the beauty of nature changing colors, the opportunity to stay indoors more often and catch up on missed books or movies, and typical autumn delicacies which can be a real comfort food. Autumn is the perfect time for energizing changes, even when it’s gray outside. Your place of residence can become an autumnal retreat to which it will be nice to return after a challenging day at work.

A cozy home in the autumn

In the evenings and when the weather is bad, it’s nice to retreat to your home and soak up the relaxing atmosphere. This is what makes us like to spend time at home, and friends like to visit us. How to conjure up a pleasant mood in autumn?

Invest in proper lighting. On the one hand, light disperses the darkness associated with a short day, on the other hand, it has a beneficial effect on the coziness of the room. As well as lamps that match your décor and provide warm light, decorative candles and lanterns of all kinds work well and can create a lovely atmosphere in just a few moments, whether you put them in the dining room or decorate your bedroom table.

Soft and fluffy textiles are another element of an autumn décor. Woven throws and woollen rugs are associated with relaxation and warmth. Velvet and furry cushions can also be a relaxing addition to your sofa in the autumn, making movie nights even more pleasant. With skillfully selected accessories, the interior of your home will create a unique atmosphere, especially if you bet on the autumn colors. Shades of red, brown and mustard suit both traditional and modern interiors

Autumn decorations are an essential part of an interior with character. A rustic bouquet of rowanberries, a garland of dried leaves mounted on the window, hollowed out pumpkins standing on the windowsill or a ceramic bowl full of ripe fruit are all additions that will contribute to the warm weather. When planning your decor, remember to keep it simple and limit yourself to a few autumn elements. Other ideas for decorating the interior will come in handy next year!

Scented candles – why should you have them at home?

An absolute autumn must have are scented candles. Thanks to them you can fill your home with subtle light favoring conversation or reading a book. When burning, a scented candle spreads an enchanting aroma that positively affects your mood, allowing you to forget about everyday worries and bad weather. In autumn it is worth choosing fragrances that put you in a blissful mood or add vigor. Soy candle with the scent of cotton candy or cinnamon buns will provide a dose of home aromatherapy, and the natural material from which it was made affects the excellent performance. The attractive and adaptable design of scented candles is another advantage, thanks to which they will add character to any arrangement. At the earliest opportunity, dim or turn off the artificial lighting to enjoy the flame of a candle, whose sensual aroma guarantees a cozy atmosphere.

A moment of relaxation

A home spa is the perfect plan for an autumn evening. A relaxing, warming bath eliminates tension and prepares you for bed. Which aromatic cosmetics will add splendor to your bathroom session? Stock up on aromatic bath lotions that will cleanse your body and relax tired muscles, and reach for an exfoliating scrub – its application is a relaxing massage for the tissues. Add variety to your autumn care routine with fancy fizzy bath balls or salt, which will free your skin of toxins and make it firmer and more stress-free. In the autumn care can not miss the oils – both nourishing, salutary for dry skin (eg sweet almond oil, jojoba oil) and essential oils, which should enrich the bath. Close the bathroom door behind you and find out that the autumn chill will be chased away by the scents of orange, ylang-ylang and lavender, which reduces stress.

When preparing your bath, consider the appropriate setting. Here again, candles will work, the warm glow of which will make the moments spent in the bathroom more pleasant. You can accompany a relaxing bath and the subsequent application of a nourishing balm with soothing music. Then hop into a soft robe and enjoy a cup of tea with cloves, oranges and ginger, or opt for a detoxifying herbal infusion, which has a beneficial effect on immunity – so very important in autumn.

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