Why have a dog?

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A popular saying goes that a dog is man’s best friend, but are you sure this is the case? If you’re not a dog person it’s probably hard to believe, but owning a dog is a fantastic experience and brings with it many mental and physical health positives. We tell you all about why you should have a dog

A lively home

If it bothers you that when you get home your evenings are quiet, boring and monotonous, a dog will definitely change that! First of all, no matter how long or how short you’ve been away, you’ll always be greeted at the door by a wagging tail. There is also no question of silence or boredom, because young dogs are volcanoes of energy who need lots of fun, movement and stimulation

A chance to save a dog’s life

There are plenty of dogs in shelters who have been waiting for a warm and loving home for many years. As the dogs get older, their chances for adoption decrease significantly, which for many means the end of their life in a shelter box. With your love, a pet who has never had his own dog bed can feel safe, loved and wanted. For such a dog you can become the whole world and his chance for a better autumn of life

A more active lifestyle

Dogs need at least three or four walks every day. These walks are not just for satisfying physiological needs, they also have a function of entertainment and realization of instincts. A walk where your dog gets physically tired, runs out, sniffs around, and interacts with the environment in a variety of ways should last about an hour. Thanks to the fact that you need to pass an hour walk at least once a day, you will have a very positive impact on your health and physical form. By the way you will oxygenate yourself, find a moment to calm your thoughts and relax after a stressful day at work. If your pet during the walk decides to bathe in a puddle of mud, you will need shampoos for dogs, which will deal with the dirt on the coat

A prescription for loneliness

If you are suffering from loneliness in your life, the company of a furry animal will definitely solve this problem. The grateful, loving and joyful look of a dog will dispel all your sorrows. The presence of a pet at home helps to cope with feelings of loneliness and depression and, while dogs are obviously not a cure for depression, many psychiatrists confirm that they make it easier for sufferers to recover. Many dog people also say that during the autumn and winter chill, their dogs are a way to improve their mood. For small and slightly bigger sorrows dog’s energy and boundless love for you is a perfect cure

Way to boredom

If you have a problem with frequent feeling of boredom, you can not find yourself an occupation and are looking for a new passion, adopting or buying a dog that loves training, for example, border collie, will be a great solution. Dog training and training with a dog is very engaging and extremely rewarding. You can buy training equipment such as dog snacks and a dog snack pouch, a tug and a clicker from the online store https://unizoo.pl/. Learning commands, inventing your own sequences and watching the effects of your dog’s work and excitement will give you a lot of satisfaction and will strengthen your relationship with your new friend.

Owning a dog is not only positive, of course, it has its dark sides. It’s a huge responsibility, a lot of work, quite a cost, but compared to the pluses of this situation, it’s not a problem at all

Main photo: Dominika Roseclay/pexels.com

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