Christmas gifts for children – what to buy for Christmas?

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A huge selection of creative toys and children’s accessories paradoxically makes it difficult to buy the right gift, because it is easy to get lost in this feast of colors, sounds and functionality.

Watching commercials on TV, you can quickly come to the conclusion that every children’s gadget looks attractive. To make it easier for you to choose a Christmas gift for your child, we have prepared a short list of the best ideas!

Universal Christmas gifts for children under 3 years old

When looking for a gift for a baby, it is worth to focus primarily on the fact that it should positively affect his further development. Each stage of the child’s growth and learning is very important, but during the first three years of life there is a lot going on. A toddler learns to see and then distinguish colors, articulate first words, take independent steps; and finally sing, jump, run and think logically. And every toy you get him, or even the accessories in his crib, can help him do that!

As a gift for a baby, we especially recommend educational toys that “grow” with the baby. This means that the toy that a one-year-old plays with will be just as much fun in two years, despite the huge difference in his development. A wide selection of such products can be found at: These may be, for example, interactive plush toys, which in the first months of a child’s life will serve him as a music box soothing to sleep. Later on they will support the learning of first words, e.g. pronouncing the names of body parts after pressing them, and in the last stage they will encourage to repeat whole verses of simple songs and rhymes.

A great idea for a gift for a child at this age are also colourful and engaging in almost all senses educational mats for babies. Electronic models with soothing music, focusing the toddler’s attention projections, hanging rattles and mascots, thanks to which the child develops the ability to grasp objects, and even with elements of aromatherapy, will help him relax and be great fun.

The most beautiful gifts for Christmas for girls 4-10 years

Children between the ages of 4 and 10 are already the so-called elderly. They ask a lot of questions, are curious about the world and hungry for knowledge. They want to see, learn and experience as much as possible – it is worth satisfying this “hunger” with thoughtful gifts. Keep in mind the individual interests of your child!

The best Christmas gifts for a girl who loves fashion will refer to art, tailoring or design. If you want to combine this passion with development of child’s manual skills, you can bet on, for example, a doll with hair for dyeing or a creative set for independent jewelry making. Hardly any girl will be indifferent to accessories for drawing or painting, of course, adjusted to her age. Enclosed in a tasteful pink suitcase, the set will let her feel like a real artist!

All kinds of mosaics for arranging or gluing, which require concentration and motor coordination from the child, will perfectly influence her motor skills, develop manual abilities and teach creative thinking. An interesting proposal are also felt sets for individual sewing of a bag, key ring or mascot. Equipped with child-safe accessories and properly designed to make the task easier, they are a great idea for a cool and creative gift for your child.

Already several years old girls start to be interested in make-up, painting nails and styling hair. A gift that will surely please the little make-up artist will be age-appropriate cosmetics sets.

Ingenious Christmas ideas for a boy up to 4-10 years

Whether the boy is 4, 6 or 10 years old and what his greatest passion is, building blocks are a safe choice. Especially since modern sets are not limited to a package of colorful elements from which you can create imaginary buildings. On the contrary! Modern ingenious sets even make it possible to build a transformer, i.e. a car which will turn into a robot after pressing specific blocks. The main thing is to adjust the complexity of the toy to the age of the child; the younger the child, the bigger the elements should be.

A good Christmas gift for a boy is also any kind of arcade toys. They make it easier to discharge excess energy, and at the same time care for the proper development of basic motor skills. Just as yoyo enjoyed great popularity years ago, nowadays boys (girls as well) eagerly compete in inventing tricks for kandame – this simple agility toy has a characteristic handle with two indentations on the sides and a ball attached to it on a string. The game consists in tossing the ball and maneuvering it in such a way that it finds itself in one of the holes. The wooden toy itself originates from Japan and has been known for a very long time, but it has recently gained huge popularity in other countries as well.

Boys of almost all ages will also enjoy all kinds of remote controlled vehicles that will occupy their attention for hours. Planes, cars and even boats, which can be steered by the remote control included in the set, will have a great impact on the child’s motor coordination and ability to focus on the activity.

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