Salsa for a beautiful figure and more!

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Salsa is a wonderful Latin American dance that was born in the 1940s. To this day, women still love it. If you still don’t know if this is the dance for you, you should read this article!

Salsa – delight for body and soul

This beautiful dance originates from Latin countries. No wonder that it is intended for people looking for acceptance of their bodies. Thanks to salsa you can understand the movement, feel the music and get 100% of sex appeal out of yourself.

The dance is based on movements of hips and legs. The steps are quite simple and in salsa solo we move mainly forwards. The silhouette is important – slightly bent legs and rocking hips, which give rhythm during the dance. What is important, the dance is not difficult as the basic arrangement is based on synchronising the steps with hip movement. Salsa is fantastic for shaping sense of rhythm and releasing feminine energy. Also in pairs salsa can be very sensual.

Plesni Centar Mimbao – AMAZING SALSA Dance With Most Beautiful Sunset View!

What benefits can dancing salsa give you?

Salsa is a very daring dance but also very sensual. It shows how to feel into your own body and make it susceptible to our every move. This dance can give you a lot of joy and satisfaction, but most of all it can awake passion and femininity in you. Dancing salsa you release your femininity and sex appeal – slow movement of your hips and upper body makes you get rid of your fears and complexes.

Salsa is also passion and movement which involves the whole body. For sure after an hour of dancing you will feel your muscles. Especially your legs, which have to be bent almost all the time, but also your hips and arms, which move side to side and forward with every step. It will therefore be an ideal and extremely enjoyable exercise. It will work as a substitute for aerobics, which is very monotonous for many women. Unfortunately, many women cannot participate in step classes because of the heavy load on their knees. In salsa, on the other hand, movements are very soft and studied. Practically all ladies can participate in salsa classes, regardless of their weight or age. Behind the doors of the room, they create their own world which accepts their femininity and makes it possible for them to lose excessive kilograms and shape their figures in a very pleasant and useful way. An hour of rhythmic salsa will help you burn even 600 kcal!

Thanks to salsa you will also feel your rhythm. It combines synchronised movements of legs and upper body. Each step is combined with moving your hips and arm in a specific direction. The high rhythmicity and repetition of the dance makes it not difficult to learn. Once you “get the hang” of the basics in your next class, you can just keep honing your skills and making the moves smoother and sexier.

Can you dance salsa in couples?

Yes! Salsa is a perfect dance for couples as well. There is a variety – New York type salsa – which is danced in pairs. It is characterised by liveliness and extraordinary energy. There are also pirouettes in it. It is very spectacular, that is why dancers often use this style in tournaments.

MySalsaHome – Dance to feel it. – Gloria Estefan – Conga | Salsa Dance Choreography by Daniel Rosas

Do you need a professional dance course to practice salsa?

You can practice salsa on your own also at home. There are many interesting instructional videos on the internet to help you learn the first steps. If you are not entirely sure about your skills, you can go to group classes held in many dance schools. The instructors will show you how to perform the movements and steps so that your whole body, including your hips, will surrender to the Latin rhythm. After the first class you can go back to polishing your skills at home. Maybe your partner will also get carried away by the music and start practicing together with you.

Do you dance salsa in heels?

For beginners, ballerinas or sport shoes with soft soles are enough. More advanced dancers can buy shoes with a small heel. It will make the figure more upright, and the heel will make it much easier to move the hips. Slightly higher shoes also add some sex appeal to us.

Photo Anna Tarazevich/Pexels

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