What is acupuncture?

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It has a mysterious name and a long history. Acupuncture is one of the oldest treatments for various ailments and conditions. It is worth finding out what this treatment looks like.

What is worth knowing about acupuncture?

Nowadays, acupuncture involves pricking a selected area of the body with metal needles. This is the easiest way to explain the basics of this activity. There are many publications about it and many people claim that it is incredibly effective. It is supposed to be helpful in restoring the natural physiological balance of the body. These treatments are supposed to strengthen a person’s immune system. In addition, they are often helpful in relieving pain and affect tissue regeneration

Proponents of acupuncture claim that it is useful for allergies, migraines, cardiovascular diseases. Besides, the positive effects of this treatment are felt in problems with the digestive system. It is also supposed to relieve symptoms after quitting cigarettes. Opinions on this treatment are varied. It is recommended to use it for milder ailments. Those that result from stress, mechanical trauma, or minor infections. This is the most reasonable solution. With more serious symptoms it is better to go to the appropriate doctor

Despite the fact that the procedure uses needles, it is said to be painless. The instruments used for it are thin and flexible. This affects the relaxation during the procedure. Acupuncture looks unpleasant, but some people even fall asleep while it is being performed. This treatment is often combined with medication or herbal medicine. Then the effects are more visible.

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Cosmetic acupuncture

Currently, this treatment is also popular in cosmetic surgeries. It resembles classical acupuncture. It is used as a delay in the aging process. It is recommended for people who want to smooth out wrinkles and improve skin firmness. Cosmetic acupuncture is recommended for women over the age of 30. Although it is increasingly popular among men. Performed in the right way, it clearly works for a young and radiant appearance. This treatment affects the microcirculation of the face, which increases blood circulation. It also stimulates collagen production. This gives the effect of brightening and even skin tone. The number of treatments is selected individually in contact with the doctor. Regularly performed gives the best results. Some surgeries additionally offer facial massage with the use of oils, which increases the effect of acupuncture. It also has a relaxing effect.

Acupuncture accessories

You will need specific medical supplies to perform the procedure. You will buy them in special stores. For example, these are needles adapted for acupuncture. They should be made of surgical steel. When buying them, make sure that they are well polished. This will affect the speed of the procedure. Additionally, the patient will experience less pain. Such needles can also be used for permanent makeup. Doctors usually use disposable items. Each patient gets his or her own set of needles before acupuncture is performed. The procedure should be carried out in sterile conditions

For safety reasons, it is advisable to purchase a disinfectant. Alcohol-based liquids will work well here. Universal ones are used for hands, skin and small surfaces of medical devices. Additionally, it is worth buying disposable gloves. This is essential for any procedures performed on people. The above recommendations are advice for people who are experienced in this type of treatment. Do not attempt to perform acupuncture on your own without knowledge

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