What is facial acupuncture?

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Facial acupuncture in a beauty salon? For some it is controversial, while others use it regularly and praise its results. Find out what it consists of and whether it is safe.

Facial acupuncture – benefits

Acupuncture originated in Chinese medicine. Until recently, it could only be used in natural medicine offices, but nowadays you can also find facial acupuncture treatment in beauty salons. The availability of the treatment has raised its popularity. More and more people are using facial acupuncture regularly and are satisfied with its results.

So what can you count on if you regularly use this treatment? Improving microcirculation, restoring balance and reducing stress are the main benefits of acupuncture. Younger and more radiant looking skin is actually a side effect of the above benefits. Acupuncture, therefore, works on the cause of poor skin appearance (e.g. stress, poor circulation), it does not reduce the effects themselves, as most cosmetic treatments do. That’s why regular use of facial acupuncture produces long-lasting results that are visible at first glance.

Who is facial acupuncture treatment for?

Facial acupuncture, although a minimally invasive procedure, is not suitable for every person. If you are unsure whether you can undergo facial acupuncture, please advise your doctor. However, pregnant women, people suffering from psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, active acne, as well as people with a large number of birthmarks and those struggling with excessive stress should certainly not use this procedure (the latter can instead go for a reflexology treatment).

It is recommended that women come for the treatment in the first half of their menstrual cycle, when they have a higher resistance to pain. Acupuncture practitioners emphasize that during the second half of the cycle, the skin in some women is tight and the needles may fall out of it.

Facial acupuncture – what does the procedure involve?

Facial acupuncture seems a bit scary to many people. The person who undergoes the procedure is lying down, and there are needles stuck in his face – a frightening sight for some. In fact, however, there is nothing to be afraid of. The needle that is used for the procedure is thin and is only inserted about 3 mm deep. How the needles are inserted is determined by meridians, or energy points, which are a guide to which direction the skin should be pricked. The acupuncture treatment starts from the center of the face, then proceeds to insert the needles into the corners of the mouth, the nose and its area, the corners of the eyes, the cheeks and finally the forehead. 

Does facial acupuncture hurt? Those undergoing the procedure do feel pain, but only during the insertion of needles in more sensitive areas (such as the nose area). However, the pain passes quickly and right after the needles are inserted, most people feel blissful relaxation.

How long do the needles stay stuck in the face? Usually about 20 minutes. The person undergoing the treatment then lies comfortably on a recliner and relaxes.

Interestingly, after the needles are removed from the face, there are usually no large marks on the skin. The skin is slightly flushed, and the minor mechanical trauma created during the procedure triggers repair processes, stimulating the body to produce collagen and elastin. More stem cells and nutrients are produced in the skin, and this significantly improves its appearance in the long run.

main photo: unsplash.com/Antonika Chanel

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