Morning meditation – what to look for to make it effective

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Meditation is increasingly seen as improving vitality and affecting human performance. It is worth ensuring that it is highly effective from the start, as it represents a smooth transition from sleep to an eventful day. Here are some important rules to follow.

Advantages of meditation

Meditation does not have to have a religious basis, although there are some types of meditation, including Christian meditation. So you don’t necessarily have to refer to any religious system – just follow Dr. Herbert Benson’s approach of meditation as a set of techniques for achieving a state of relaxation.

What is meditation?

The term comes from the Latin word meditatio, which means “to dwell in thought” or “to reflect”. Associated with eastern religions, and present in some aspects in Christianity (e.g. Ignatian meditation), meditation is sometimes treated, among others, by managers and people taking care of their own development as a way of calming down and getting rid of the state of “racing thoughts”, quieting down and obtaining peace. It is important to practice it regularly

What does meditation do for the body?

Meditation, when practiced regularly, has been scientifically proven to:

  • lowering blood pressure,
  • decrease heart rate,
  • increase dopamine levels in the brain,
  • change in brain wave frequency.

With long-term practice, the effects of meditation are even more noticeable. Among other things, they reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease, increase resistance to pain, and reduce blood pressure in people with hypertension.

Boho Beautiful Yoga – Guided Morning Meditation | 10 Minutes To Start Every Day Perfectly

Benefits of meditation for the psyche

The psychological effects of meditating include gaining a sense of harmony, increased self-confidence, improved well-being, and facilitated relationships. Especially for people who lead lives that are conducive to long-term stress, meditation helps to effectively negate stress levels. Improved memory performance and concentration are other of the many benefits of meditation that are useful in everyday life and at work

Morning meditation

The importance of morning meditation can hardly be overestimated. Why is this time of day so important?

Why is morning a good time for meditation?

Morning meditation is a few minutes that helps to start your day well. It is worth taking care that the time of transition from rest to the sphere of normal activity takes place in silence, with a sense of relaxation and rest. The point is to focus on yourself, not on phones, e-mails and urgent tasks to do. The time for those will come in a few moments

How to start?

The time of the morning meditation is not important: It can take place at 5.00 a.m., but nothing prevents it from taking place at 9.30 a.m. if that’s the rhythm of your day. When starting, be aware that starting the day with negativity can cast a shadow over the following hours. So it’s worth taking a few days just for yourself

How do I integrate it into the rhythm of the day?

Embedding meditation into your daily routine is possible through the power of habit. So it is better to gradually get used to short meditations than to radically change your daily schedule. It is always better to have a short meditation than no meditation at all

Circumstances of meditation

First of all, choose a quiet and secluded place where you will be free from the noise of the street and everything else that distracts you. It is also important that the room be tidy, as clutter can distract you. It is a good idea to adopt an appropriate position, which would be the cross-legged sit. For some, however, a good opportunity to meditate will be a walk or time spent stretching. This is an individual matter.

Conducting meditation

The point is not to forcefully get rid of all thoughts, because we can’t do that. Rather, the important thing is not to give in to their pursuit-not to drift off into the realm of our fantasies and imaginations. Returns to the present moment should be gentle and full of understanding, so that we don’t lose our composure

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