What is DDA syndrome?

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The consequences of alcoholism in the family are more severe than originally thought. Alcoholism affects not only the alcoholic, but also his family, relatives and neighbors. It also significantly affects the youngest children, impacting their later life and the way they cope with problems. That is why it is so important for people who suspect that they have DDA syndrome (Adult Children of Alcoholics Syndrome) to contact a doctor and a psychotherapist. This will help to noticeably improve the comfort of their lives

Proven patterns of action

The problem does not end when you move out of the house. Although the public perception is that alcoholism stays behind closed doors, the patterns of behavior that helped a child survive a difficult situation in the family also seriously impede adult, independent life. People with the DDA syndrome seek control, because control gives them the necessary sense of security that they lacked in childhood. They do not like change because they feel constant anxiety and live in fear that the situation may get worse at any time. It is not only the addicted parent who is to blame for this, but also the healthy parent who has devoted time and energy to their partner’s addiction instead of their child. This is why people from such families feel less valuable and inferior to others and assume that they are not worthy of love

What is a dysfunctional family?

Adult Children of Alcoholics Syndrome is more serious than you might think and, like any other addiction, can make it very difficult to function in society. If you see characteristics of a DDA person, but don’t come from an alcoholic family, ask yourself if any of your caregivers struggled with another addiction (such as gambling or drug abuse), went through a serious illness, or dealt with religious strictures. Any of these situations may have led to the development of patterns that are characteristic of the DDA syndrome. Therefore, it is extremely important that whatever your doubts, your first choice is a mental health professional who can help you define your problem and improve your quality of life

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Don’t be afraid to get help

If you recognize the following traits and patterns of behavior in yourself or a loved one:

– hiding feelings;

– A tendency to lie, even when it would be more logical to tell the truth;

– Feeling alienated;

– need for control;

– fear of change;

– not being able to handle responsibility or taking on too much;

– fear of conflict and anger;

consider seeking professional help. A diagnosis of DDA syndrome does not condemn you to failure in life. On the contrary. Diagnosis is not the end, but only the beginning of a new, better life. It is the first step on the road to regaining a sense of security, self-esteem and healthy relationships with loved ones. At the beginning of your journey, an online psychotherapist will be a great solution, allowing you to develop a plan of action without leaving your home, which will save you additional stress and anxiety. Already during the first visit, you and your psychotherapist will adjust the therapy to your needs and together you will develop a treatment based on the latest solutions used in world medicine. Remember that seeking help is not an admission of failure. Although mental disorders were considered a source of shame not so long ago, today more and more people realize that mental problems require the same medical attention as somatic disorders. Don’t be afraid of the pressures of society – remember that your health is the most important thing.

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