7 habits to help you fight stress

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Stress has a negative impact on our life and well-being. Long-term feeling of nervous tension may even lead to neurosis and depression. The fight against stress is difficult, but worth it. Learn the best ways to deal with stress.

1. Fight procrastination

Stress usually hits us when we are aware of the amount of responsibilities that await us at the office or at home. Many people put off facing the harsh realities of life instead of getting straight to solving problems. This in turn adds to our anxiety. Fighting procrastination, or putting off doing chores, is difficult but not impossible. With difficult tasks to do, try to tackle them as soon as possible to find time for rest and pleasure. You will feel a sense of relief after each task you complete, which will greatly reduce stress and tension

2. Get out of the house

Lockdown has unfortunately severely limited our social life. Despite closed restaurants or cinemas, it is necessary to find time to leave home. Take a walk or exercise in the fresh air. Try to leave the four walls as often as possible, spend time in the nature, which is very relaxing and allows you to calm down. A walk in the woods will give you a lot of satisfaction and also oxygenate your body, which will affect your physical and mental condition.

3. Self-care first

Taking care of yourself is very important if you want to avoid or reduce stress. Self-care includes taking care of your physical appearance, taking time for yourself and nurturing your passions and hobbies. People who are only concerned with their families and their jobs quickly burn out. By not taking time for ourselves, we neglect our own needs and even our health. Be sure to divide up your responsibilities at home, and make sure you get a few moments alone at least once a week.

4. Exercise in the fresh air

Even short exercise, walking or dancing can help you relax and take care of your health. Training releases serotonin, a hormone of happiness, in the body. It has a positive effect on everyday functioning, reduces stress levels and makes it easier to concentrate and fall asleep

5. Going on vacation

Even a short change of location, for example for a weekend or vacation, can significantly reduce stress levels. You will see new places, find motivation and the will to act. Your brain is stimulated by stimuli, which breaks you out of the daily monotony. A short rest in a new place helps to reduce nervous tension, and is also a good time to rethink your life so far

6. Avoid toxic people

We are stressed by people who are constantly annoying, rushing us or shouting. A complaining malcontent not only makes you believe less in yourself, but also starts to stress you out. The person who motivates sees the dangers, but sees the so-called “light at the end of the tunnel” and will find a way out of the situation. “Toxic” will undermine your self-esteem and stress you with apocalyptic visions of the future. Especially at work, it is worth avoiding such people who do not support us, but only depress us

7. See the positives

Few people can find the positive side of even the worst situation. We do not always have an influence on the situations that surround us. However, each of them gives us a chance to change our perspective and appreciate what we already have or had. When we have a serious problem, we are able to mobilize much faster and look for solutions. Stress is then our ally, so it is worth looking for the good sides even in the face of tragedy

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