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Being outdoors is fun and rewarding, but more importantly, it’s good for your brain, body and soul. Here are some reasons why you should start spending time outdoors right now.

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More energy, more motivation

Do you feel like having another cup of coffee? Maybe you should exclude or limit caffeine and instead sit outside, enjoying the sunlight and breathing in the fresh air. One study suggests that spending 20 minutes outdoors gives your brain an energy boost comparable to a cup of coffee.

In addition, exercising outside seems to be much easier. This may be due to the nature around us. In one study, researchers had cyclists ride their bikes in front of video footage of gray, green, and red. Cyclists who exercised in front of greenery reported feeling less exertion and more positive moods – meaning that grass, trees, and plants can add mental energy during a workout.

Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava/Unsplash

A stronger body

In one study, patients undergoing surgery who were exposed to high-intensity sunlight reported less stress and marginally less pain, and therefore took less pain medication.

Scientists also believe that inhaling phytoncides – chemicals produced in the air by plants – increases white blood cell levels, helping us fight infection and disease.

According to the scientists, you should stop for a moment while you’re outside and smell the flowers. The researchers’ work shows that natural scents such as roses, freshly cut grass and pine make you feel calmer and more relaxed.

Strengthen your psyche

If you’re struggling with writer’s block, painting, etc.-in a word, you’re lacking inspiration, get outside. Psychologists found that hikers gained 50 percent higher scores on creativity tests after spending a few days in the wilderness.

In winter, shorter days and lower light levels can trigger seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a recurring condition characterized by symptoms of anxiety, exhaustion and sadness. Doctors say that spending time outside can reduce the severity of SAD – even if it’s cold, cloudy outside, etc.

Spending time outdoors in a natural setting has been proven to improve brain functions such as concentration. One study took a group of children with ADHD and compared how well they did when they were divided into two groups. One group spent most of their time after school and outdoors in green spaces, while the other group spent most of their time playing indoors. The group playing outside showed fewer ADHD symptoms than the children in the other group, even while doing the same tasks.

Contact with nature helps us to disregard social pressures, allowing us to remember and appreciate more important things like human relationships, sharing, etc.

Free vitamins

Vitamin D is essential for the body to function properly. It helps us absorb calcium, prevents osteoporosis, and relieves inflammation, among other things. Although vitamin D is present in some foods, such as salmon and milk, we get more than 90 percent of our vitamin D from incidental exposure to sunlight.

Photo by S Migaj/Unsplash

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