What is the secret to healthy sleep?

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Practically every person living today has sleep deficits. Its lack in the long run destroys the body. The most important is not the number of hours of sleep, but its quality. How to take care of a healthy sleep? We suggest!

Organize your day

Learn to set priorities: do the most important things in the morning and during the day, and leave the most pleasant and not demanding physical and mental effort for the evening.

Get enough sleep

How many hours should you sleep? You have to answer this question yourself. Sleep as much as you feel rested. For some people 6 hours is enough, for others 9 hours, but it is accepted that the optimal length of sleep is 8 hours per night.

Work out a regular sleep pattern

One of the rules of a healthy night’s rest is to fall asleep and get up at one and the same time. Your body will quickly adjust to the set times, and you’ll fall asleep and wake up quickly and without too much effort.

How do you determine your ideal time to sleep and wake up? The best way is by trial and error. Go to bed and get up at different times and observe your mood carefully. Eventually you will figure out what time you should go to bed and get up so that you feel full and have more energy.

Don’t overeat at night

As you know, the digestive tract only works at full capacity during the day. Hence the well-known advice of nutrition experts to eat your last meal at six in the evening. If you can’t manage to eat dinner before eight o’clock, make sure your last meal is light and don’t snack afterwards. If you really can’t stand it anymore, drink half a glass of kefir or milk.

Relax before bedtime

If you have trouble falling asleep, do some autogenic training exercises to help you relax, calm down and stop the train of thought. For example, do this exercise: lying on your back, close your eyes and banish all thoughts that are racing through your head. Feel the emptiness in your head. Imagine that with each exhalation, all tension in your body sinks into the ground. Then “scan” your entire body from the feet to the top of your head. Imagine your body weighing down like lead. Don’t forget to let go of all tension and thoughts with each exhalation. Help yourself with affirmations: “I am calm and completely relaxed. There is emptiness in my head. My body is heavy and relaxed. Do this exercise every night after you go to bed.

Make yourself physically comfortable

Take a warm shower or bath with a few drops of lavender or jasmine oil before bedtime. The clothes you sleep in should be loose and body-friendly. For ladies with long hair, it is advisable to sleep with your hair loose: any tying or braiding of hair can affect the blood circulation in the head.

Air out your bedroom

It is a good idea to air out your bedroom before going to bed. Also, make sure your bedding is changed regularly and your comforter is the right thickness to keep you warm while you sleep.

Don’t get out of bed in the morning

Getting up properly is also an art. Instead of rushing out of bed, turn off your alarm clock and allow yourself 5-10 minutes of blissful relaxation. The body should wake up gradually so that the brain can switch to the tracks of active work. A good habit to help you wake up fully is morning gymnastics. Just do some stretching exercises or a few rounds with your dog around the house.

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