What instead of coffee? Find out how to get back on your feet effectively

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Coffee is an inseparable companion in the morning for 65% of Poles and a typical American drinks as much as 3 coffees a day – many people cannot imagine life without it

However, coffee addiction has also many disadvantages, e.g. it weakens memory and contributes to increased feelings of anxiety. So it is worth replacing coffee. But with what?

What to drink instead of coffee?

There are many coffee substitutes. They are often chosen by people who must limit their consumption of coffee for medical reasons. However, coffee substitutes are also chosen by people who want to improve their life comfort and get rid of an addiction that is often associated with negative effects.

Coffee, when consumed in moderation, has many advantages; however, excessive consumption primarily increases blood pressure and impairs memory and concentration. Coffee can cause sleep disorders, and it also leaches valuable minerals such as magnesium from the body. So what to choose instead of coffee?

The most popular substitute is green tea, which has twice as much caffeine as coffee. The effect of green tea depends on how it is prepared – if we want it to have a stimulating effect, we should brew it for about 2 to 3 minutes

Not only green tea

Guarana is also worth attention, being the base of natural energy drinks. It contains three times more caffeine than coffee, so a small amount is enough to stimulate the body. It is available in tablets as well as powder. It has a positive effect on memory and concentration as well as improving immunity and eliminating headaches.

Yerba Mate is gaining popularity as a coffee substitute. Drunk in a characteristic vessel, it is made of dried leaves of the Paraguayan holly plant. It has strong stimulating properties thanks to theophylline, theobromine and caffeine. Like guarana, it has a positive effect on memory and concentration and also has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties.

People looking for coffee substitutes cannot fail to pay attention to kombucha as well. The fermented tea, prepared from a special mushroom, has been known in the world for 2000 years. It is naturally carbonated, which makes it also an alternative to carbonated drinks. It contains numerous macro and microelements, and thanks to vitamin C and B vitamins it supports immunity and stimulates the body.

How about something without caffeine?

All these examples have large amounts of caffeine in their composition, and not everyone can afford to consume it. What then? There are also stimulating substitutes that do not contain this substance. One of them is cocoa.

Although we tend to associate cocoa with falling asleep, good quality cocoa beans contain a vitamin bomb in the form of magnesium, zinc, iron and B vitamins. Thanks to this the work of the nervous system is supported. In addition, cocoa reduces stress and has a positive effect on concentration. And although cocoa contains caffeine, it is much less than, for example, in guarana.

Cereal coffee has a similar taste to coffee, which, thanks to its fibre content, reduces the feeling of fullness and heaviness. However, if you want it to have stimulating properties, it is worth adding spices to it, such as ginger or cinnamon

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Main photo: Dominika Roseclay/pexels.com

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