Plants for happiness – which ones are worth having in your home?

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The presence of potted plants in the house is associated with many positives. Plants benefit your mood, soothe your nerves, clean the air of harmful substances, increase humidity and provide oxygen. So many advantages make having potted plants a happy experience in itself, although it is possible to pick out a few species that you should especially pay attention to. 

According to the Chinese space planning practice of feng shui, there are species of plants that have unique properties: they provide a flow of positive energy, bring good luck, wealth and foster a friendly atmosphere. Which plants should make their home?

Thickets, “tree of happiness”

Thimbleberry is a low-maintenance succulent, accumulating water in fleshy, glossy leaves that are reminiscent of coins. That is why the plant is considered a magnet for abundance and good luck. The plant does not require frequent watering, once every two weeks is enough. The lucky tree should be placed in a sunny place, but it is advisable to avoid the effect of harsh sun. For this reason, it will do well in the southeastern part of the apartment. 

Dracaena Sander, Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo, as the name suggests, is a symbol of good luck. In China, it hides under the name “Fu Gwey Zchu,” which means wealth and energy, among other things. The Chinese people gift their loved ones with Lucky Bamboo on the occasion of Chinese New Year, treating the plant as a form of talisman. Dracaena Sander is most often found in tall and narrow vessels that are filled with water, Interestingly, the plant’s bent stems are the result of specialized cultivation in greenhouses. The water in the vessel in which the bamboo grows should be changed once every two weeks. It is worth noting that tap water is not suitable for watering, as the chlorine contained in it destroys the plant. For watering Lucky Bamboo use spring water or boiled tap water that has been left to stand for 24 hours. The plant finds its best place in moderate sunlight.


Purple oxalis is a very decorative plant, with ornamental purple foliage and delicate white flowers. The plant is considered the flower of love and happiness, because the leaves of the oxalis resemble clover. In addition, the oxalis is not difficult to grow. Purple oxalis requires diffused light and moist soil. The plant should be watered carefully, oxalis under the influence of overwatering rots quickly.

Lemon tree

Trees full of fruit symbolize abundance and wealth, it is considered that the holder of the plant will have luck and prosperity in life. Thanks to the conditions provided for growth, lemon trees generously repay by bearing fruit. Citrus is best found in a bright, warm place with diffused light.

It is advisable to set the tree by a window that faces south, and on summer days set the plant on the balcony. During the period of intensive development (that is, spring-summer), the lemon tree requires fertilization with a special citrus fertilizer and sprinkling of leaves. The soil of the tree, preferably with a slightly acidic or neutral pH, should remain slightly moist.

Plants that bring bad luck 

Counterbalancing the plants that are supposed to provide good luck are those whose presence is considered unfavorable. Ivy and hibiscus are said to have a destructive effect on relationships, while heather is said to spread negative energy.

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