6 ideas for vegan snacks for work

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Self-prepared lunchboxes are one effective way to take care of healthy eating during the day. What can you include in them as part of a plant-based diet? 

Tortilla with tofu chutney 

The first idea is a vegan version of a breakfast tortilla. Instead of the classic scrambled eggs on bacon or onions, you can prepare a plant-based version with tofu and your favorite vegetables. To prepare tofucznica you need one package of tofu, preferably smoked or self-marinated in spices, and seasonal vegetables. For tofucznica, zucchini, bell peppers, fresh spinach leaves, tomatoes, onions or mushrooms work well. After preparing the tofuchicken, spoon it into a whole-grain tortilla pancake and gently bake it so that the tortilla is crispy. 

Homemade sushi with vegetables 

Another suggestion is the vegetable equivalent of sushi. The process of preparing the rice and wrapping the sushi is identical to the classic version, but in this case there are vegetables and plant products inside the rolls. Vegan sushi can be prepared with carrots (both raw and steamed work well), mango, tofu, radishes, roasted beets, fresh peppers, celery or red cabbage.

Cocktail with buckwheat groats 

Among vegan snacks, fruit or vegetable smoothies are also not to be missed. Although well-tested recipes for nutritious smoothies contain mainly vegetables and fruits, in this recipe buckwheat groats are responsible for an extra portion of fiber. To prepare the smoothie you will need half a cup of buckwheat groats and half a cup of almonds or cashew nuts, which should be soaked overnight. After soaking, the products will be easier to blend into a homogeneous mass. Add the banana, vanilla extract and cinnamon to the mixture. For a liquid consistency, your favorite plant milk or water will work great.

Vegan nuggets 

Plant-based cuisine has vegan equivalents for almost all meat dishes. The popular nuggets are no different. However, the vegan version is prepared on the basis of millet groats, flour, soy sauce, seasoning (garlic, peppers, herbs) and olive oil. The prepared mixture should be separated into individual nuggets, and then they should be coated in crushed crackers Such prepared nuggets can be fried in a pan or baked in the oven. 

Hummus with toppings

An ideal snack for work or university. Hummus can be bought ready-made, although the one prepared by yourself at home tastes much better and does not contain additional preservatives. It’s a good idea to add some chopped vegetables to your lunch box with hummus, such as carrots, cucumber, celery or bell peppers. If you prefer hummus without fresh vegetables, nachos or pita will work great.

Keto crackers 

The last suggestion for a healthy and vegan snack is low-carbohydrate crackers prepared with just a few ingredients. To prepare a nutritious snack, you need flaxseed or flaxseed flour, water, salt and additives of your choice. Grind the hay and mix it with the selected ingredients and spices. Sesame, herbs de Provence, garlic, cumin and sweet paprika work well in this recipe. Mix the dry ingredients with water and a teaspoon of salt, and then knead them into a dough. The dough prepared in this way should be rolled out on a sheet pan, cut into smaller pieces and baked. 

main photo: unsplash.com/PULSÍTOS.com

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