What is bikram yoga? Explore the benefits of these exercises

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Bikram yoga is becoming increasingly popular. It is a great form of sport for people who are just beginning their adventure with physical activity. If you like relaxing exercises and the gym does not appeal to you, check out the secrets of Bikram yoga!

What is Bikram yoga?

It is a variation of yoga, which consists of simple postures. Its main purpose is to relax your muscles. If you are unfamiliar with any physical activity, Bikram yoga can be a great place to start. It is a 90-minute class that consists of 26 asanas – yoga postures. Some of the positions are held a little longer, and the movement needs to be deepened. Bikram yoga is performed in specific conditions – the room must be very warm and the air humidity should be up to 50%. Such tropical conditions make the muscles relaxed and thus also susceptible to movement. During the activities we sweat, thanks to which we cleanse the body of toxins. Sweating effectively cools the body, so the high temperature in the room is not so noticeable. The asanas performed during Bikram yoga come from the easier variety of yoga – Hatha yoga. If a participant is not able to perform a given position, he can go back to the previous one, which was easier. As a consequence of repeating the asanas and deepening the movements as they are performed, the body gradually gets used to the movement and effort.

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What are the benefits of practicing Bikram yoga?

Bikram yoga has many benefits. These include:

  • improving the musculoskeletal system,
  • muscle relaxation,
  • strengthening of muscles and ligaments,
  • getting rid of muscle blockages and back pain,
  • strengthening spinal muscles,
  • learning proper breathing,
  • calming your body and soul,
  • relaxation and de-stressing,
  • increase the release of endorphins,
  • improving body flexibility,
  • getting rid of toxins from the body

Does Bikram yoga help with weight loss?

Like any physical activity, bikram yoga can also help a lot in losing weight. During a 1.5 hour class you will burn as much as 1000 kcal. High temperature and humidity in the training room are also beneficial for weight loss. The body gets rid of toxins, so you can lose weight much faster.

For whom is Bikram yoga?

Bikram yoga will be suitable for people who are not used to intensive training and are in poor condition. It is a sport that does not require a lot of physical effort and is based on stretching and muscle relaxation. Bikram yoga is therefore dedicated to those who have significant problems with muscle tension, are after rehabilitation related to the treatment of arthritis or sciatica. Thanks to little complicated asanas muscles can get used to the effort and strengthen themselves. It is also a good proposal for obese people, for whom long walks or jogging are too tiring. This type of yoga does not strain muscles and knee joints, so people who cannot swim and have problem with excessive kilograms, should start their adventure with sport from Bikram yoga.

Bikram yoga consists of simple asanas, which are easy to remember. It can be successfully practiced at home. All you need is a comfortable mat and a bottle of water. Hydration of the body is essential.

Contraindications to Bikram yoga

There is quite high temperature and humidity in the training room, so Bikram yoga is not suitable for people who have asthma and circulatory insufficiency. People after a heart attack or women during menopause may also experience discomfort. This does not mean that they have to completely give up this form of physical activity. On the contrary, Bikram yoga can help with these ailments. However, it is necessary to inform the trainer about diseases and contraindications, so that he can choose asanas and conditions in the hall that will be suitable for us.

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