Home remedies for headaches

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A headache can quickly throw you off balance and turn your day into a nightmare. You don’t need to take paracetamol straight away. There are proven home remedies that will make a headache an unpleasant memory!

Home remedies for headaches have proven to be very effective. Here are some of them:

Cold compress on the forehead

This is a well-known headache remedy that can help, especially in case of a migraine attack. Leave a slightly dampened cloth with cool water on your forehead and lie down in a dark place. Breathe calmly and steadily. The coolness coming from the poultice gives us relief, at the same time it leads to the contraction of blood vessels. It can help with headaches caused by too high blood pressure

Drinking mineral water

If the headache occurred after a walk in a place where there was no shade or the air temperature was high, in this case it is worth drinking some mineral water. Headache is a common symptom of dehydration, so you can also drink electrolytes or drink isotonic, which will soothe thirst very quickly. This way for a headache can work wonders and will save you from taking pain pills

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Eat a wholesome meal

People with metabolic disorders have trouble absorbing nutrients. This also applies to diabetics. A headache is not necessarily related to fatigue or stress – it is often caused by insufficient blood sugar and mineral levels. Instead of quick snacks, choose a wholesome meal. It can be a fruit with natural yogurt and oatmeal or a nutritious soup. In this way, you will gradually increase the glucose level and thus get rid of the annoying headache.

Short rest

Headaches are often caused by too much stress and many responsibilities. Exhaustion of the body is very common, especially in shift workers. A moment of rest in such a case can prove to be salutary. If you have the opportunity, take a nap or even go for a walk for several minutes. You will get oxygen and it will be easier for you to return to your duties.

Chamomile tea

Nowadays we appreciate more and more the power of herbal medicine. Chamomile can help us not only with stomach-related health problems, but also with headaches. Dried chamomile should be poured over water at a temperature of about 80 degrees Celsius. This will ensure that all the important microelements contained in this herb – remain in the infusion.

Head massage

Gently massaging your head will help to relax and reduce the pain. Massage from the temples to the top of the head. Apply gentle pressure to the temples using circular motions. Then use your fingertips to massage the top of your head as you would when washing your hair. You can use diluted essential oil for the massage. It is best to mix it with a neutral-scented oil.

Aromatherapy with essential oil

Eucalyptus and peppermint oils are ideal for headaches. They are slightly stimulating and make our mood improve. Use only tested and certified oils for aromatherapy. Avoid cheap products and essential oils with a heavy scent, such as rose and patchouli – these can only make our problem worse

Physical activity

With a severe headache, the last thing we think about is a hard workout. Keep in mind, however, that for a mild headache, exercise can be salutary. All it takes is a slow walk, stretching or a few minutes of dancing. This is because during exercise, blood circulation to the brain and other organs improves, thus normalizing blood pressure.

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